Monday, September 21, 2015

Study and learn about God's plan!!

So this last week was good, super long, but it was good. We haven't been able to work a normal week for a long time and its bugging me but I know that it happens and I can tell it is also bugging my companion and he really wants to work.

We had the 18 de Septiembre this last week and it's like the 4th of July for us. It's huge and some people get crazy. We had a zone conference with the whole mission and that was fun. One of the area presidents talked. His talk made me think that we need to continue to work hard every day but we should never be unhappy or have a bad attitude. I have found that it happens a lot when we forget this and we don't work as strong when we are unhappy. It is important that we always maintain the happy positive attitude with everything. There is no better way then learning more about the gospel and the plan that God has for us. If we understand God's plan then we should be happy because there is so much opportunity for us. We all need to learn about it and study it.

I love you all. God loves you all! So be happy no matter what!!

Elder Smith


P.S.  Thanks so much for your email mom!! I especially love that last part. I am weird and I know it. Or in spanish " no me importa lo piensen otras personas". The earthquakes have been cool... we didn't feel the big one because we were in the street walking but we have been feeling lots.. today we went to a mall and when we were eating lunch on the 2nd story everything started shaking.. It was like a rollercoaster ride.. I loved it!! ha  but I'm okay nothing happened where I am but yes in the north and close to the beach there is a alot of damage. We continue to have small after shocks all the time.


Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Act as Christ would...

Last week was good we were able to work a good amount. On Saturday we did a service project all day and it was fun but it really killed us and we were dead the rest for the night.

Something to caught my attention on Sunday was that they talked about forgiving others. That we need to be willing to forgive others and that sometimes we wait to forgive someone until the other person makes the first move... Is that what Christ would do?? Heck no! We all forget that to forgive someone and tell someone sorry doesn't hurt us it actually makes us stronger especially on the side that we are trying to progress. Like it says in Moses, God wants to bring to pass the inmortality and eternal like of man... but how will that work if we don't follow the steps that he gave us... he gave us Jesus the best example that literally showed us what we need to do. If we don't forgive and forget or say sorry for that matter we aren't progressing and we aren't following Jesus Christ. So, I invite us all to think about this and when others hurt us or when we hurt other we can act as Christ would.

I love you all!!

Elder Smith

Soooo this week... "FOME" o "CHANTA (September 7, 2015)

So this week started out with an interchange with our zone leaders on Tuesday and I think that threw us off. Then on Wednesday, we had our district class and so we worked the second half of the day. On Thursday morning we got a call saying that we needed to be out of the house and have it cleaned really good before Monday. Luckily, we decided to do it in the morning on Thursday. This started our week of weirdness. We worked but not has much as normal and well it kind of messed with us. So then we worked more on cleaning the house after we got everything out and then on Saturday we spent almost the whole day cleaning the house. On top of that we didn't have lunch and we found out right before and so we bought some bread and made sandwiches... then we started our fast.... Soooo part of what happened is we weren't thinking good because we literally didn't eat good and we started a fast and well we ended it later on in the day and it really was lame to end it early.
This last week we had planned out to have a good week but then it went down hill because the family wanted their house back. All in all it was a very weird week and it made us feel super weird and not like we had the spirit of the mission with us.
We have lots of plans this week to make things a lot better.
On the happy more positive side we had the opportunity to go on splits with the missionaries from the MTC  in Chile for 3 hrs. and that was fun and we were able to put someone with a date for baptism and my companion had some good lessons with some of our investigators so we had lots of good things happen but it was a very strange week.
I love you all!! Keep going and never give up!
Love you all!