Monday, November 24, 2014

This week was swell!!!

Really this week was great!! I told my companion at the first part of last week that I was going to call him out on everything that was chueko (basically bad) and I told him to do the same for me. I really feel like obedience is the key to so much. Some times I get so down on myself for it because I did something that I knew I shouldn't, like saying something in English that is offensive to the spirit. My love for obedience has grown and all I want to do is follow Jesus Christ and be like him.

So the week was actually super good we got a lot better with everything and things are going good.  My companion and I are doing better and life is good. Half way through the week I realized I was praying for help to have patience and help to love my companion... I wasn't praying for help for him so I started doing that and also so that we could strengthen our relationship. Really I am finding so many new things to do that helps in the mission. 
So on Saturday Jorge got baptized and it was so good! One of the members shared his testimony after because we asked him and man fue tan poderoso (it was really strong or powerful). I really love to see people change and to see in there eyes that they are set to go all the way. Jorge and his girl friend have a date to get married in February and then they are going to get sealed in the temple in one year. 
I love the mission and even though its hard and I feel like I cant do it anymore I just get pushed forward by something and things always get better. I love the gospel and I am so thankful for it. I have seen how my testimony has grown for the atonement of Jesus Christ and my love has grown for Him. I truly love this gospel and I want to endure to the end and have a forever family and live with our Heavenly Father again and Jesus Cristo. 

Les Amo tanto 

Con amor, Elder Smith


Monday, November 17, 2014

This week was 'goodish' (Chaseism)

So this week was goodish.... it was a bit weird because it got messed up due to the meeting we had on Monday so with that it was a little odd.  We worked better, but as the week went on it seemed like everything was dying down a little bit... we did a practice interview with Jorge and he was supposed to get baptized on Sunday but he drank coffee the morning that we did the practice interview and so that delayed it. He will be getting baptized on Saturday this week now and that's awesome.
We had a lot of interesting things happen this week. I learned how laziness is actually something from Satan and how if we as missionaries are lazy it is because we are giving in to the temptations of Satan. I also learned that we need to realize our potential and never let it drop lower then it really is. 

Yesterday, we had stake conference and the temple president talked. Something small that I loved from what he said was that, if a convert or a member of the church is inactive it is because they stopped receiving personal revelation. He said we can receive that by going to the temple. He talked about how the temple helps with everything and if you have a problem go to the temple and you can figure it out.

Something cool I saw from this week was that I was thinking about not being lazy and our lessons fell through so we started knocking doors. I kept knocking and no one was excepting or answering... we could see them inside but they didn't answer... I was thinking in my head well I'm not being lazy and I'm not going to... so I thought God will bless me in time.. like two houses later this guy came to the door and said come on in and gave us this homemade juice and then said how he and his son love to learn about the gospel and how his son isn't baptized for any church but wants to be... so we are going to be working with them more and it will be amazing!

I love the mission and even though its hard and I'm not with a companion that is like me I know that I will be blessed if I always do the right. I know that all blessings come from loving God with all our hearts, mind, thoughts and with this we can become more like him. I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ with all my heart, might, mind, and strength and I am so thankful that Jesus gave his life for us so we can live again with our Heavenly Father and our loved ones. I know that the only way to the Kingdom of God is through this path following Christ and dedicating our lives to be more like him. I love the gospel and am so thankful for this opportunity to serve.

I love you all and pray that we all will follow this plan and endure to the end. 

Elder smith

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Este semana

So this week was good as we have been more OBEDIENT as a companionship we have received a lot more blessings. But... we still have a lot to work on and I find myself having to lead... which is rough!

So in sacrament we have a goal of 120 people every week and we never have met it since I have been here... I've been here for a little over three months now... But this Sunday we had 127 people there for church... and on top of that between the 2 companionship's of missionaries we had ten investigators there so that was awesome! We just got blessed with this new investigator that has been taking lessons in a different ward because his girlfriend or almost wife lives there but then he decided to start coming to our ward. He is so ready for baptism and he is actually getting baptized this week, on Sunday so that came from no where and its awesome!! We are really trying to reactivate the inactives and bring families closer so we can help them decide to make temple covenants. 

Yesterday, we were blessed with the presence of Elder Nelson and his Wife.  Man Sister Nelson killed it! She talked about... well basically obedience!! she talked about as missionaries we are obedient and we receive blessing.... and she talked on how we can improve... then she shared something from one of the apostles stories about a missionary that was always doing good.She said obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings miracles!! This hit me because its true, we can be obedient and we will get the blessings that are needed but if we want to see miracles we have to be exactly obedient!

Elder Nelson talked about ten things we need to study and one being, Jesus Christ. He said if I was a missionary right now I would base my studies around this one topic... so I wrote that down and now my studies will be like that. The things he talked about were super good but what hit me the most was his blessing for all of us at the end... I was so full of the spirit when  he said,  "I bless that you all will have a great desire to do this work to continue every day!" HE also blessed us that we will all get home from our missions safely and live a normal life again, and then he blessed our families... 
I don't know what it was but hearing those words coming out of his mouth just slapped me in my chest. A disciple of God just said these things to us and blessed us with all of this... right then and there I received the truthfulness of his words. Without a doubt that man is a disciple of Jesus Christ and a Man of God. 
I hope we can all strive to be like those examples we have in the church.

I love you all!!
Elder smith

Monday, November 3, 2014


This week was better. It's still been kind of strange because we are doing a lot of walking because no one has been letting us in! We have had some good experiences though, we were with an inactive family and we were there trying to gain their confidence or what we like to call it "estábamos dando jugo" or giving juice. Really it was super good. We talked to them and got to know them better, and we talked about our lives. We tried to convince the daughter that has 19 years to stop dating her 44 year old boy friend... yeah he could be her dad. Anyways we finished with a prayer and they chose me to say it because they think I don't know Spanish very well... but I have my prayers down sooooo hahah, sorry that was prideful. But the prayer was said and after, there was this super calm spirit that hit and we just sat there for a second and my comp said something like "this right here, right now is the Holy Ghost" it was so strong and then one of them cracked a joke and it faded a little.

So we start a new change today and me and my comp are still together. We had a good couple talks on how we can improve our work and what we need to do. It was super good because we felt like this last change really was terrible. We felt like we could have left the ward so much better but we got the call and learned we will be here another change and we are making goals to kill it this change! I'm so grateful for the help us missionaries receive with everything and how we are watched so well by our Heavenly Father. 
I love the mission even though it is hard at times and I have to just buckle down and get through it. I know that in life we all have trials and that if we just tell our selves to take it one day at a time and just think about the day we are in and enduring it we can do it and we will get help from God and we will also learn so much!.

Les Amo Tanto

Elder Smith

 PS. I had to go to the mission Dr. because those flee bites got infected and he had to give me a shot and then use a knife to cut it open and take everything out. Nasty!! it hurt so bad but I'm all good.