Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Endure to the End!

Well this last week was good... with me going to the therapy we often loose time to work and it kills me. Sometimes I feel like I'm a terrible missionary and I imagine that all of us have felt like that. I was determined to turn that around and to have a better week. OThursday I went and did interchanges with an elder in our district and it was good. We did a service project and talked a lot. I got to know him and it was cool because I didn't know who he was before and it was nice. At night when we were in the house he opened up and just talked to me. I honestly didn't talk but I decided to just listen and listen. He basically told me his life story but I felt good because he seemed happy to open up and talk to me about that stuff. 

The next day we worked in the morning because I had to be at therapy in the afternoon and it was cool. My companion seemed even happier and he was talking with a lot of people doing contacts and that never happens sooooo it really was a blessing. 

So now we are going to back up a little on Tuesday and Wednesday I had gotten bit by a bunch of.. well I don't know what but the Presidents wife said I had scabies... sooo I  really had no idea what that was it just sounded bad.... well they told it to me in Spanish.. Anyway, I  told her on Friday,  the next day on Saturday they sent me to the clinic again and well...I'm sick of that place. The people looked at all my bites said I was okay and then they drugged me up by IV and man I really wanted to kick the nurse she was not nice with the needle. So Saturday, we were in the house all day because I was drugged. But I got to study a lot even though they told me to rest... or sleep but I didn't want to so I read and studied. With those studies I could really feel my spirit grow and it helped me feel more of Gods love for me and I  understand a little bit more of the gospel. 

On Sunday, the Bishop told me that I would be speaking right before sacrament started.  I had know idea what I was going to share I immediately started thinking about my studies and I found a scripture I liked. I then had to pass the sacrament and during that time we need to be thinking of Christ and really I just wanted to think about what I was going to talk about because I'm a freak.  I was nervous. I then prayed for help and said to myself that if I think and focus about Christ during the sacrament God will help me.. so right after I stood up to go to sit down the Bishop said that I  would be talking.. I was not ready, so I grabbed my Book of Mormon and went up to the pulpit. With my legs shaking I started my talk... I don't know when I stopped shaking but I just talked and talked and really I am so grateful for God because I know that what came out of my mouth was given to me by the spirit. It was soo cool I felt like it was one of the best talks I have ever given and I just felt spiritually pleased. 

Anyway, my week was a little weird. I love you all and I encourage you all to endure to the end. Don't just hang in there. 

Con amor, 

Elder Smith

Monday, October 19, 2015

I feel your prayers and support!

This week was fast. On Tuesday I went and worked with one of the zone leaders for the day because we had interchanges and it was fun. I learned a lot. I learned that when you are with people.. or your friends, sometimes things can get out of hand or maybe you can be comfortable to say or do things that maybe you shouldn't. It made me think about after the mission and really how life is always full of other who are going to be doing things that maybe we shouldn't be doing or saying things too. Nothing bad happened on our interchange I just realized this then.  With that being said it makes things very clear that we need to constantly be coming  unto Christ in our actions, thoughts, words and so forth.

On Wednesday we had district class. We are focusing more on how we can enjoy the mission more and I taught how being obedient is going to help us enjoy the mission more. Really I think that we forget that somethings are just pleasures and they just make us feel good for a little bit of time.. like playing a video game.. its only fun until you stop playing. But when we are constantly trying to follow and do what Gd wants us to do we are going to be happy and it's going to stay with us always. Sometimes when we don't think that a rule is going to help us or we are going to be happy from following it it's because we don't trust God and our faith has gotten weaker. 

So on Wednesday night we got home late and we didn't plan because we didn't have time and then we were going to plan in the morning and then we had to give a blessing. We then continued to work the rest of the day and I just didn't feel good the rest of the day because we didn't plan. I feel like the spirit wasn't as strong as it could have been and we weren't prepared. I think that really when we plan things out.. like life and everything we will be prepare and God will bless us so that we can complete these plans and be able to do what we need to..but only if we prepare ourselves. 

Friday I got up feeling super good and I was ready to go. I really wanted to feel the spirit and be uplifted so that we could work hard. So, when I got on my knees to start my studies I said a pray and during my prayer I could really feel the spirit come to be with me stronger and it just grew during my studies. 

A while back I read a talk that said when you feel the spirit is when you know you are forgiven. Because the spirit can't dwell with any unclean thing. I like this a lot because really we all sin every day and we need to constantly repent so that we can have the spirit to be with us. 

On Sunday I played two of the hymns that we sang and man it was rough because I am out of practice and they don't know how to sing with the piano. 

I know that this is the true gospel of Christ and that this is Gods work. I know that all of us are His children and that He wants the best for us. I know that Christ lives and directs his church and I know that this is Gods plan so we can come to live with Him and be like Him some day.

I love the gospel and I know that this is my life and without it I am lost.
I love you all and feel your prayers and support, they give me strength to continue even when I have a bad day. 

Con mucho amor,
Elder Smith

Friday, October 16, 2015

I know that God has sent me to this area!

This week was super long!! I got to my sector and all I can say is that things needed to change so we took the whole week to work and change everything. The ward is small but the same amount of people attend like my other ward. I got here and they had not  been working at all. They spent a lot of time with members and less actives and were not progressing and their only investigators were found in January of this year and they are still working with them.... But I'm excited because I feel like I was sent here to help... not just in my sector but in my zone because this zone has the lowest number of baptisms and on top of that it has a lot of disobedient missionaries. Soooooo, it's going to be rough but I am excited to see what happens. 

  We really didn't have anyone that they were working with to get baptized so we went looking and after a good day of walking and talking to people we contacted a man that was standing outside his house. We started talking to him.. he had a football jacket on from the states, so I started talking to him about that... after a little while, he said that his son is in Utah studying English and UVU!!! This was cool... now on top of that his son will be baptized this Saturday in Utah! 

We met with him again and taught him about the restoration, then we challenged him to be baptized and he took the date. 

I know that God has people chosen that are ready to hear his message but all we have to do is to talk and to open our mouths. I also learned that I need to work a lot more on being a good leader and studying more about the life of Christ so I can try and be like him. I know that this is true and that this is the work of God. I love this work and I love serving and growing closer to God. I know that God loves us and I know that even though things are hard we can get through them but we have to trust that we can do it, but only through Gods help.

I love you all!! 

Con mucho amor, 

!Elder smith

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

New Change, New Area!

Soooooooooo I got changed!!! I'm actually sad and it's funny because my other sector was a very hard ward... and I grew to love it no matter how hard it was, I loved it. I feel like God has been preparing me for this change for a while but I could really only feel and see it  for the last couple weeks. I am now in a very small ward that supposedly needs a good patient elder...I am not him, ha but I'm going to try and be who God needs me to be so I can help the people here. I actually feel the spirit very strong helping me to be calm and maintain who I am. 

I enjoyed  listening to our prophet and the apostles and the other leaders of the church. I had fasted this last week to receive help and for other things tooo. The talk that really hit me the most was the first one on Saturday by Elder Uchtdorf. It struck me because an answer to my prayers had come so fast and strong. After listening to everything yesterday, I feel closer to my Savior and Father in Heaven.

I think we all leaned a lot about how we can do better. I really feel like these new apostles are going to be able to help us so much. Their sweet testimonies touched my heart.

I know that this is the true church of Christ and I know that he directs this church. I know that God lives and loves us and I know that we are all here to complete the plan God has for us if we let him mold us. 

I'm in a new new new area and I feel a little "solo" but I feel the spirit so strong and I know that I am supposed to be here. 

I love you all so much and wish the best for you all!!

Con mucho amor,

Elder Smith