Monday, July 28, 2014

First Baptism!!!

OKAY SO....  this week has been fast I guess...  I don't really know what's fast and what's slow anymore.. time just seems to be going. I went on an interchange with my district leader and that was cool. I had baptism this week... that was cool. There isn't much to talk about other then it's been the same. We got a new family to teach and the guy I swear is ready to be baptized.
Oh ,and the family that went to the other church they decided to not want anything to do with any church and some decided to go to the other church so that was a big bummer. I've been working on being positive and trying to always  think of good things so I am constantly happy. 
I shared my testimony about the temple.... obviously in Spanish.... that made me tear up and yeah I could feel the spirit there really strong. It's been super hard to be happy and always just keep pushing forward with our work but there is something that is always pushing me and I just wish I could roll over and die sometimes. I am so exited to learn the stinking language, because that is what is killing me.  I  hate not being able to say what I  want to say.
We got  new schedule.... so we wake up at 6:30 now and that sucks..  everything is rearranged and is different but our president is a Man of God and we just need to have faith in him and trust him. 

Anyways!!! love you all soo so so so much wish I could have been with you this short summer.. haha oh yeah your summer is almost over.... 

alright love you all

Monday, July 21, 2014

I talked for what seemed like ended up being ten minutes!!

This week was fast... but super slow at the same time. I went on an interchange with a Latin and that was a new experience. I was super angry with my companion because it was him that made it happen and I was mad that he wasn't training me...... well yeah I just wanted to scream and tell him that he is supposed to train me.

Something happened when we were on the bus headed to a place called Lampa for district meeting and we passed a stop that had this guy laying there on the ground coughing up blood and had blood coming out of his nose and he was laying on the ground. There were other people there but there were  at least 6 missionaries on this bus and none of us jumped out to help this man. I was so frustrated the rest of the day because I felt like I should jump out and help this guy.  I didn't and part of the reason was because I was squeezed in a seat... I just thought to myself the whole rest of that day how dumb that was of me and I knew that we could of helped him and given him a blessing but none of us did. I was so upset because I was this new missionary and there were so  many missionaries that had been out way longer than me and they didn't do anything. 

I realized that what I felt was a prompting from the Holy Ghost and that I didn't act upon my feelings and because of it I felt so sick the rest of the day. I seriously had to hold the tears in my eyes on the bus... it really was a tough day. 

We had that lady that went to a different church and we went and met with her and seriously it was different, it was like she didn't want to hear from us and like she had shut her heart..,,,, I just know that the spirit was with us that lesson because I was on fire... I just went crazy with my Spanish and I talked for what seemed like seconds but ended up being ten minutes... 

This week I am going on another interchange with my district leader and then on Friday I am going on one with my friend from the CCM and another kid from the CCM. We are all going to have trouble with our Spanish but I am so excited for it.....

I love you all thanks for everything
 Happy day!!!

 Chase said they were doing a service project and re-doing a lady's whole house! It's not quite done yet!
 They were helping a member with his bike while he made them lunch...Chase should have been putting new brakes on his bike!
 This lady is 103 turning 104 in August...he thought his sisters would appreciate this cute old lady because they love old people!
 Photo bomber!!

Monday, July 14, 2014

They must know my name is chase....

Okay so I'm going to start with my investigators.... I don't know if that's how its spelled in English... oops. Okay so we have this lady.. her name is C she is seriously so amazing and it's cool to see her change but this last week we were late to her house and when we got there we found out that she had gone to another church.... yeah we were so bummed so now we are working on being on time..  I think it will be good because we can ask her how she liked the church and ask her the differences and use it to teach a good lesson so I'm excited about that. Another lady... P she is amazing she wants to get baptized and she knows the church is true but she just won't come to church. The other day we passed by her house and she had read the whole gospel principles book. Yeah that was awesome. I don't know why she won't just come to church!!!

So the things I like about Chile...well its super different here but I'm starting to like it more I love the people, for the most part all the people are super sympathetic.  I like the mountains other than that Utah is the best.
My challenges that I have is the language. I just wish so much that I could express myself the way I want to. It's so frustrating to be in a lesson and I have something I want to share and I can't say it.  I guess that's pretty much it... 
Whenever I am studying I always am running over something about pride. Holy cow pride can be so many things I've learned that even super small things are pride. The things I've been working on the most is Christ like attributes. Those help me so much and I love learning about them. 

We eat pretty much whatever the person that feeds us gives us and I have had some bad stomachaches....  I don't think they cook everything correctly. 

It's not too cold but when it is I stay warm soooooo that's awesome.

It's just me and my comp in our house and its super nice because I might die if I had to deal with more elders. Some of the elders that are going home soon are so immature I want to kill them sometimes but I hold back because it's one of the ten commandments... thou shalt not kill.... 
I got your package just letting you know. 
Some dogs killed their owner the other day... I'm sick of getting chased by dogs... they must know my name is Chase...

Okay well peace out world!!

Love you all keep up the good work!
Elder chase smith

Monday, July 7, 2014

2 Months baby!!!

I'll start off with the food....I'm not afraid to say no if they give me more than my stomach can handle...seriously they eat so much and my stomach is used to college life and I like it that way so I say "estoy bien... gracious".  The other day... I think Sunday so... yesterday I told this lady I was fine and she went and got me more chicken, like a whole freaking chicken breast, being polite, I ate it and just suffered the rest of the day with a packed belly. That just told me I need to step up my game on how I say things soo next time I'm just going to go off in English and try and express that I don't need any more food.
The people.. so we have, I think 5 people with baptismal dates and that's way cool its super hard because when I talk I don't know if I am helping them because I don't know if I am saying everything but something I do know is that the Holy Ghost amplifies my words... well I would hope so. We have this one lady that is super crazy she said when I am being good nothing good in my life happens so why should I keep doing it. Then, she lost her money and someone had taken 150 mil pesos which is about 300 American dollars she was so feed up with it and she didn't know what to do..... then a couple hours later someone called and offered her a job. That was a blessing and now she is starting to progress more and more. I love this lady she is super nice and is always taking care of us.... remember this lady for my later part of my email.. Next is a family that are all mostly active members of the church I seriously have just taken them to be my family down here they are so loving and they help me learn so much.

I got in a bike crash... ahahahahah seriously so funny I don't remember much, but I walked away from it so life is good. I was going super fast and for some reason my bike doesn't have brakes and all of a sudden I needed to stop because of this stupid scooter thing and well I stopped.. Anyway that was fun. I got to go to the hospital in Chile and check it out... it's a little different but cool. I guess they have a lot of missionaries go in there because they knew who we were... 

Alright that's my week. 

I love and miss all of you and hope your all being good people. 
Peace out until next Monday.

p.s. I have an interview with the new president on wed., and I don't know Spanish sooooo wish me luck!