Monday, July 7, 2014

2 Months baby!!!

I'll start off with the food....I'm not afraid to say no if they give me more than my stomach can handle...seriously they eat so much and my stomach is used to college life and I like it that way so I say "estoy bien... gracious".  The other day... I think Sunday so... yesterday I told this lady I was fine and she went and got me more chicken, like a whole freaking chicken breast, being polite, I ate it and just suffered the rest of the day with a packed belly. That just told me I need to step up my game on how I say things soo next time I'm just going to go off in English and try and express that I don't need any more food.
The people.. so we have, I think 5 people with baptismal dates and that's way cool its super hard because when I talk I don't know if I am helping them because I don't know if I am saying everything but something I do know is that the Holy Ghost amplifies my words... well I would hope so. We have this one lady that is super crazy she said when I am being good nothing good in my life happens so why should I keep doing it. Then, she lost her money and someone had taken 150 mil pesos which is about 300 American dollars she was so feed up with it and she didn't know what to do..... then a couple hours later someone called and offered her a job. That was a blessing and now she is starting to progress more and more. I love this lady she is super nice and is always taking care of us.... remember this lady for my later part of my email.. Next is a family that are all mostly active members of the church I seriously have just taken them to be my family down here they are so loving and they help me learn so much.

I got in a bike crash... ahahahahah seriously so funny I don't remember much, but I walked away from it so life is good. I was going super fast and for some reason my bike doesn't have brakes and all of a sudden I needed to stop because of this stupid scooter thing and well I stopped.. Anyway that was fun. I got to go to the hospital in Chile and check it out... it's a little different but cool. I guess they have a lot of missionaries go in there because they knew who we were... 

Alright that's my week. 

I love and miss all of you and hope your all being good people. 
Peace out until next Monday.

p.s. I have an interview with the new president on wed., and I don't know Spanish sooooo wish me luck!

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