Monday, March 30, 2015


Well this week was a fast week!! We have been trying to work our hearts out and really we have been doing it. We are always looking for more things we can do to do our best. We have felt like we have been working really hard but we haven't been seeing the results. Really we have been patient!!

 Our star investigator is named Pedro and he was so busy this last week that we weren't able to meet with him and that was LAME!! At the end of the week we had to enter in the house early because it's like a day when the punks go out and fight with the cops... basically that. Its stupid!! haha But we had planned to do a lot in that time and well we weren't able to leave and work.. so it was a bummer. But on Saturday night last week we got down to pray and in our prayers we asked for a "milagro" or a miracle, and to show us blessings for our works. We showed up to church and someone told us, "Hey Pedro is here."  In my mind was like Pedro, who is brother Pedro I haven't meet him yet. haha then we found out that our investigator had come to church!! I seriously had to old my tears back. It was amazing to see the answered prayers.

 I know that God lives and loves us. I know that He wants the best for us and if we follow Him and do what He wants, He will help us and we will never feel lost. I'ts important that we don't blind ourselves from Gods power and that we put all our trust in Him. I am so thankful for everything I have in my life and for this time I have to serve!!

I love you all and pray for the best!! 

Con mucho amor y cariño,
Elder smith

Monday, March 23, 2015

Yo Yo Yo!

Well these last two weeks have been crazy and I really feel weird. It's been weird to have to get to  know a new area and people. We have been working our butts off and really I have been so tired. On Friday we decided to fast because we needed some help with ourselves and in the work. IT was a really hot day and we literally died that day. We had so much success but by the end of the day we couldn't move and then the next day we only had one lesson and we walked a lot. I'm still trying to recuperate!!

So I'm still learning so much about how we can follow God and do all what He wants. I have been seeing the little things in what I can do to do his will and even though I sometimes would rather do something else I know that God will bless me and I will be happier if I do what He wants even though it doesn't seem as pleasing.

Some fun stuff. So I was contacting someone while my companion was talking to another persona and this girl came to the fence and she was just like gazing at me.  I introduced myself and then started to asked her some stuff to know a little more about who she is. Then I asked, "What is the most important thing in your life?" Well usually the people say my kid or my family... but no.. she said "AMOR" or love... haha she said it like really strangely and me being an awkward missionary I forgot what to say because I haven't had to deal with that before. So I said "yeah love for your family" haha then she said that we could pass by her house and at this time my companion was by my side and I asked her where she lived so we could note it down and she didn't understand me so... I said it again very unsure if I was talking in Spanish and man it was the most awkward thing!! Plus all the ladies have been yelling things at me and it bugs me. One more thing, I had 2 guys kiss me on the cheek this week.. it's not too weird here because some guys do that.. and some missionaries, but I wasn't used to random dudes doing that..

This week was full of goodness and things are looking better.

I love you all. I pray for the best for you all.

Love Elder Smith.


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Area! Great Week!

This week was a little rough but I got through it. The bishop here has been bishop for 12 years and man he is worn out. We are working on all the members to think of only the good things that he does so that we can progress and help this ward. We have an average of like 60 people every Sunday. But yesterday we had 81 sooo we are seeing progress.

This new area that we live in is small. We use to live 35 min away, so we wasted a lot of time walking.  Now we are in a different house that is 20 min away.. I dont know the sector too well, which scares me but it's all good because I know it will come.. The area is a little different than my last one but it will be okay.


 My new companion is named is Elder Aguirre and he is from Argentina so that's awesome!!  He is a really strong guy spiritually and loves the work. This last week we worked really hard and rarely had a lot of other time. I really enjoyed it because I feel like we can help each other and now it's not like everything is falling on me.  He is teaching me a lot and helping me learn more and more! He is sick! We are always having a good time and he wants to work and be better. We have the same time in the mission, we got here together but didn't know each other.. mostly cuz I didn't speak Spanish... ha but we work a lot and there is no time for anything. We drink matè a lot!!! Which is was made in Argentina sooooo I'm learning how to make it and drink it the good way.

We are teaching a boy that has 12 years and is disabled and acts like he is 8 so we have to teach in a very loving way so that he understands.  I love him and I think he will get baptized soon.  We have quite a few less actives and recent converts that aren't coming to church so we are also working with them a lot.
Con Amor, Elder Smith

Sorry no pictures!  The internet café was not working quite right!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Letter from Hermana Wolf to Elder Smiths Dad!

I just have to share this wonderful letter from a member of Elder Smiths last area...Chase loves this family and they have been so kind to the missionaries! 

Dear Brother Smith ... Thanks for having such a good son ..We are grateful to have met Elder Smith ... now he went to another area...and we are very sad .. yet we know he will do very well since he is a wonderful missionary .. You must be very proud of him because he is the best missionary I've seen in my life !!! He has much love for people .... and is doing excellent work with people ... also always doing service and helping people !!! Be happy with your child, he is developing all the qualities of the Savior !!! Thank you dear Brother for teaching your child early to be so strong, no doubt you taught him at home ... I love you !!!!!!Family Smith

Monday, March 9, 2015

New Change...San Pablo

Well I just got changed and I feel like I might die. I have overwhelming feelings like the first day I got in the mission and man its not fun to have these.

Well, in my old sector we ended the change great. We had a family home evening and we talked about temples and what we have to do sometimes to sacrifice to have the blessing of the temple in our lives. It made me think so much on how important the temple is and that we use it like we should because it is going to help us grow stronger in the long run and our lives will be easier with this help from the temple. 
So I am in a new sector and I am scared as can be to have to start from the bottom and work up again.  The stake is called San Pablo.  We live about 30 minutes walking distance from my old area. . I'm excited to see what God has in store for me here and to see how I am going to grow and who I am going to help. 

I know that God helps us through our trials and the only thing we can do is to look forward with a positive attitude and keep marching. God is purifying us! 1 Nephi  20:10

Monday, March 2, 2015


Well this week was a strange one. I dont have to much to say... What I did learn about is faith. It is so important that we can believe in things that we cannot see. We cannot progress in this gospel if we don't have faith. I had a trial of my faith this week and man it was rough. I really was working hard and we had some amazing lessons and we talked a lot with these people about having faith and trusting God. They were not the only ones learning while we were teaching. I was learning too.. I felt a little bit like an idiot because well I was teaching something that I too struggle with. But by the end of the week I had overcome it. I had gotten on my knees and prayed for the help to keep strengthening my faith and developing it so I can be strong and continue to help others.

I know that this gospel is true. I know that we have hard times and somtimes we give up but we cannot do that because that is exactly what the devil wants us to do. We have to remember that God knows we have problems and that we can't be perfect but He knows that to be perfect we havae to keep trying. Its like a video game. If we die in the game we get a second chance. No matter how many times we fail we always have another chance. 

Les amo y oro por todos usteds que pueden ser fuertes y continuar en la vía del señor. 

Con amor Elder Smith