Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I need my slack line MOM!

Alright, so this week was super fast not too much happened. My practice lessons have been flying by and I am actually starting to put sentences together. Seriously, I think I might get the hang of this stuff.. I've talked to multiple. missionaries and they say that when you get out in the field it comes faster They say that you just have to try your best and it will come and to not worry about it. I have had a blast making new friends here some of us have already started planning trips to come back with each other and do some exploring. I don't know what I would have done if i didn't make any friends... probably would have rolled over and died. but hey!! who knows. soccer has been crazy I've been getting better and better at playing goalie andIi have been getting better at moving my feet and playing with the ball!! 

All I think about is me getting out in the mission field. That's all I think about  but i guess some trainers are native and I seriously think with my luck I am getting one!!! So, cant wait for that.
Mom I need my slack line!! you should send it asap. They told me it was okay to have and it really would help me so so so much... physically and SPIRITUAlly hahaha but en serio.
Alright that this week. sorry its so short I wish I had better stuff!!
Love you all so much!!!  Elder Chase Smith

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I've started to understand Spanish

Soooo, this week has been crazy!! I have started to understand Spanish more and I have started loving the Book of Mormon. Any chance I get I read it. I seriously have grown to love my district, some of my favorites are Elder Swan Elder Stephens and Elder Kimball. I'm pretty sure I will be good friends with them the rest of my life. we have started to feel more like a family and less like random people that were put together. So, I really don't have much to say.... I'm getting good at playing soccer and being the goalie... I guess that's cool.. people here call me granola.. hahah I guess they think I'm granola, but when is that a bad thing I kind like the thought of being granola. So some of these pictures are of my friends and roommates. I got my missionary card yesterday and it shows when I'm coming home.... haha I'll be coming home May 7.... 2016 with 2 other missionaries, everyone else goes home a month earlier than us. I like to think its because we are meant to be out here longer... but I'm sure its just because of transfers. I haven't missed a day reading my patriarchal blessing since the Friday I got here. I never thought that could lift me up, it always stressed me out when I read it at home but here it shows my potential and that kind of gives me reassurance of who I am to become. I also have found so much in it and it tells me all things.... I don't know if they are exactly right but I know that its a good possibility that they are right.
Again, I love you guys so much. Thanks for praying for me and cheering me on. I am doing the best I can out here. I have become more in tune with the spirit and that really has helped me. I love the warm feeling I receive, when it is strong it gives me a weird satisfaction.
Love you guys so much miss you all!!! 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

First week down...more to go!

Okay so I've got ten minutes. First week down!!! A lot more to go!! I seriously am so tired I am getting wasted every darn day. Yesterday I saw Zach Frost from swimming in high school and I seriously jumped out of my seat because I was so happy to see someone I knew. I am starting to love it here, besides the fact that I feel like its a prison. But it's good, I can't wait to be on the outside of the walls. I have had so many crazy experiences with the gospel I honestly have felt the spirit so strongly every day and it's crazy. I also have felt Satan and that sucks!!!!! but  I am learning how to kick him in the head multiple times over and over. I know that if I stay strong and keep up the work that I will be able to make it. I don't know Spanish but.... whatever I'm not here to learn the language I'm here to teach the word. I love you all so so much and miss you like crazy!!

Mom note:  Chase has had a pretty hard week!!!! He was overwhelmed with the 26 emails he had and is very thankful for all of your love and support!  I think he may be over the hardest hump...just make it one more week!!! Things will get easier:)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And he's there!!!

Hello!!! I made it here! The plane ride was awful! I honestly feel lots of shock being here. We drove in and I looked everywhere and saw weird stuff. Anyways, I love you all I'm so glad I get to be here.

Love Chase

{Mom note: He called from the Atlanta Airport last night. One of the other Elders let him use a phone. He said he was good and that there were about 13 missionaries flying together. When they got to Atlanta a man traveling with them from Holliday, Ut took 6 of them to dinner. Such sweet people in this world.:) Another Elder told Chase..."Elder lets get to work," this Elder wanted Chase to start teaching people in the airport...hmmm! Chase didn't know what to think of this kid. Anyway...HAPPY DAY! He's there and safe...maybe a bit tired but whats new.}

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Leaving Chase

Today Chase left for Chile. It was hard for us but, we are so happy that he will be in the Lord's hands. We have some pictures from today so hope you enjoy and we hope that he will send a letter soon!
The day Elder Smith opened his mission call.
April 9, 2014

The day Elder Smith went to the Logan Temple the first time!
April 16,2014

Some friends that came to hear his speak in church.