Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I need my slack line MOM!

Alright, so this week was super fast not too much happened. My practice lessons have been flying by and I am actually starting to put sentences together. Seriously, I think I might get the hang of this stuff.. I've talked to multiple. missionaries and they say that when you get out in the field it comes faster They say that you just have to try your best and it will come and to not worry about it. I have had a blast making new friends here some of us have already started planning trips to come back with each other and do some exploring. I don't know what I would have done if i didn't make any friends... probably would have rolled over and died. but hey!! who knows. soccer has been crazy I've been getting better and better at playing goalie andIi have been getting better at moving my feet and playing with the ball!! 

All I think about is me getting out in the mission field. That's all I think about  but i guess some trainers are native and I seriously think with my luck I am getting one!!! So, cant wait for that.
Mom I need my slack line!! you should send it asap. They told me it was okay to have and it really would help me so so so much... physically and SPIRITUAlly hahaha but en serio.
Alright that this week. sorry its so short I wish I had better stuff!!
Love you all so much!!!  Elder Chase Smith

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