Monday, August 31, 2015

With all that God has done for you what can you change to show that you really love Him!

Well this week was super good! We have been having a lot of success and been finding some new people. We started working with the sister of one of our converts and she is ready to find the gospel but her husband is very stubborn and doesn't let her go to church or anything... or he wears the pants. It's super sad to see that because she really has the desire to come to church and she told us that she could come but the thing is that she would have to lie to him to be able to get out of her house... Well, I told her that she shouldn't do that and that this is a time to learn and really trust in God because really this is something God wants.

We have a family of four boys that want to get baptized and really we are trying to teach them but it's a bit hard to find them in the house. The oldest came to stake conference and that was awesome for us because he is starting to come to mutual and become friends with everyone. He is very bright and reads everything that we leave him. I am stoked to see what happens, but he wont be able to be baptized until the midle of October and well I fear I won't be here then but its chill! 

We had stake conference and I really loved how they focused on the Sabbath day because a lot of people have problems with that.... even members. I liked something that I think Elder Nelson said in the last general conference. I don't really know how it goes but the way I felt is... how can I not sanctify one day to God even after all he has done for me... I  really don't even know who  I am anymore when I think back to when I first got here. I have been able to be forgiven for so much and he still forgives me. Soooooo with all that God has done for you what can you change to show that you really love him? 

I love you all!

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Smith
We took Mate from a pineapple and it was GOOOOOD!


Monday, August 24, 2015

Only true happiness!

Well ,this last week was super good. It was a little long but it was very good. Soooo, I told you about how we went to the temple for a tour with our converts and their daughter last week. We went to their house on Monday night last week and talked about faith and actions. We talked about  how that is how we receive our answers. We shared a good spiritual message with them and then my companion invited her to prepare and be baptized this week. She accepted and said that she had received an answer when we went to the temple. This made me so happy because she is such a bright girl! This family is awesome! We also have started working with the sister of the mom and we are so excited for this because they are going to be able to participate with us when we share and I think that it will all so good.

I have noticed a lot recently that when I am tired or down about something that God usually has sent something my way to cheer me up and I thnk that this happens very often but only now am I realizing what is happening.

I have been thinking a lot of Christ and his atoning sacrifice recently and really I have felt like I needed  to strengthen my study in that so that's what I have started to do... I have found that I have felt more of the spirit and that I feel that when I testify about Him and His gospel to the people that it comes out more fluidly and I can feel the spirit.

I know that God lives and loves us and because of this, he sent his son so that we weren't eternally lost and so we could make our way back to him. I love this gospel and I know that the only true happiness comes from when we try to completely follow Jesus Christ.

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Smith

Crazy Elder Smith

Temple tour!

Monday, August 17, 2015

They could feel the spirit of the temple!

So this last week was great. We worked hard and have been finding more and more people... some don't end up accepting us but hey its all good. Maybe they will with the next missionaries. We have been working on the retention of our converts.

We took the family Zenteno to the temple and it was amazing! I love it because they went on a tour and they let them go into the foyer of the temple and it was so amazing! They could feel the sprit in the temple. At the end they talked about Jesus Christ and then asked them to share how they felt about Him and what they felt on the tour. It was amazing to feel the spirit come over us and to really testify what we believe. I was a bit teary.  I wasn't expecting the dad to be so emotional but he had some strong feelings that he shared with such emotion. We also had their daughter there that isn't a member. She is working on getting baptized and I pray that her dad will be able to do it.

Me and my companion are learning a lot! We continue to become better and well my English is getting better.

I love you all! 

Con amor Elder Smith

Monday, August 10, 2015

Get with it and start following!

Another good week! We had zone conference and so we didn't work too much on Tuesday but that night when we finally got out to work we went to visit a lady that we met in the street. She wasn't there and so we left. We went to the next street and I felt prompted to knock on a house, so I did and a man came out. We did the contact and then he let us in. It was cool because he opened right up. We talked to him and he told us about his life and it was obvious that he needed the gospel. So we challenged him to be baptized and gave him a date to prepare and be baptized. He accepted and then we visited him two more times that week,  The last visit, on Saturday, we verified if he was gong to come to church and he said that if God sent us, then it must be a good thing for him to go to church. We went and walked with him to church. By the way his name is Manuel. So that was something super cool!!!

We have been really trying to work hard and just when you know it on Thursday we got a call and they told us that all the mission was to stay inside and not go out and work.. because it was raining really hard... note I have never heard of this so it made me giggle because I was ready to get wet that day!!

We also have been working with the daughter of the couple that just got baptized... she wants to get baptized but her mom wants her to make sure she is ready for a commitment this big. I had the chance to talk/preinterview her and it was very interesting because she is very timid. She told me about the testimony she has for prayer. It was amazing to see a little 14 year old talk about prayer the way she did. She also came to church with her parents, and really that family is just growing so strong. I love them so very much and it is weird how that works only knowing them for a couple of months.

We have a change in the mission we can now go to the temple once a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this for the longest time!! The temple has become so special to me and really it helps me so much!
I know that this is the work of God and I know that he wants us all to be engaged in it to help bring our brothers and sisters to eternal life. I know that as we strive to do what He wants and to follow Christ we will have these desires to do these things. I love God and our brother Jesus and I know that when we follow them that is when we have real happiness. So if your not happy. Get with it and start following. 

I love you all!

Elder Smith

Monday, August 3, 2015

I love this gospel and would be nothing without it!

This week was good but we only worked half of the week because I was in the house sick but it was still fun. I think we got sick of being in the house and well it might have unfocused us a little but we were motivated to get out when they finally cleared us to work.

We had two confirmations yesterday and it was cool to see these two parents finish the second part of baptism and become members of the church. This familly has grown so much and it's been a blessing in my life to get to know them. The other day I expressed my love for them and really told them that want the best for them. It was funny because I started to get emotional and the sister said, "oooh how pretty your eyes are" ha! Then said she wanted to hug me but knew that she can't so the brother came over and gave me a hug.

I have thought a lot about what I asked my trainer when I was with him and that question was, "Do you feel like you have really found someone that only you were supposed to find?" He told me yes. I feel that way about this family and I am so happy for them and I know that if I didn't endure the hardship that has happened to me in the mission I wouldn't have been able to help this family or find them. I know that God works in weird ways and I know that he shapes us and prepares us for what he needs us to do throught the hard things. I love this gospel and would be nothing without it!

I love you all!!!

Con Amor Elder Smith