Monday, August 3, 2015

I love this gospel and would be nothing without it!

This week was good but we only worked half of the week because I was in the house sick but it was still fun. I think we got sick of being in the house and well it might have unfocused us a little but we were motivated to get out when they finally cleared us to work.

We had two confirmations yesterday and it was cool to see these two parents finish the second part of baptism and become members of the church. This familly has grown so much and it's been a blessing in my life to get to know them. The other day I expressed my love for them and really told them that want the best for them. It was funny because I started to get emotional and the sister said, "oooh how pretty your eyes are" ha! Then said she wanted to hug me but knew that she can't so the brother came over and gave me a hug.

I have thought a lot about what I asked my trainer when I was with him and that question was, "Do you feel like you have really found someone that only you were supposed to find?" He told me yes. I feel that way about this family and I am so happy for them and I know that if I didn't endure the hardship that has happened to me in the mission I wouldn't have been able to help this family or find them. I know that God works in weird ways and I know that he shapes us and prepares us for what he needs us to do throught the hard things. I love this gospel and would be nothing without it!

I love you all!!!

Con Amor Elder Smith

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