Monday, August 31, 2015

With all that God has done for you what can you change to show that you really love Him!

Well this week was super good! We have been having a lot of success and been finding some new people. We started working with the sister of one of our converts and she is ready to find the gospel but her husband is very stubborn and doesn't let her go to church or anything... or he wears the pants. It's super sad to see that because she really has the desire to come to church and she told us that she could come but the thing is that she would have to lie to him to be able to get out of her house... Well, I told her that she shouldn't do that and that this is a time to learn and really trust in God because really this is something God wants.

We have a family of four boys that want to get baptized and really we are trying to teach them but it's a bit hard to find them in the house. The oldest came to stake conference and that was awesome for us because he is starting to come to mutual and become friends with everyone. He is very bright and reads everything that we leave him. I am stoked to see what happens, but he wont be able to be baptized until the midle of October and well I fear I won't be here then but its chill! 

We had stake conference and I really loved how they focused on the Sabbath day because a lot of people have problems with that.... even members. I liked something that I think Elder Nelson said in the last general conference. I don't really know how it goes but the way I felt is... how can I not sanctify one day to God even after all he has done for me... I  really don't even know who  I am anymore when I think back to when I first got here. I have been able to be forgiven for so much and he still forgives me. Soooooo with all that God has done for you what can you change to show that you really love him? 

I love you all!

Con mucho Amor,
Elder Smith
We took Mate from a pineapple and it was GOOOOOD!


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