Monday, August 10, 2015

Get with it and start following!

Another good week! We had zone conference and so we didn't work too much on Tuesday but that night when we finally got out to work we went to visit a lady that we met in the street. She wasn't there and so we left. We went to the next street and I felt prompted to knock on a house, so I did and a man came out. We did the contact and then he let us in. It was cool because he opened right up. We talked to him and he told us about his life and it was obvious that he needed the gospel. So we challenged him to be baptized and gave him a date to prepare and be baptized. He accepted and then we visited him two more times that week,  The last visit, on Saturday, we verified if he was gong to come to church and he said that if God sent us, then it must be a good thing for him to go to church. We went and walked with him to church. By the way his name is Manuel. So that was something super cool!!!

We have been really trying to work hard and just when you know it on Thursday we got a call and they told us that all the mission was to stay inside and not go out and work.. because it was raining really hard... note I have never heard of this so it made me giggle because I was ready to get wet that day!!

We also have been working with the daughter of the couple that just got baptized... she wants to get baptized but her mom wants her to make sure she is ready for a commitment this big. I had the chance to talk/preinterview her and it was very interesting because she is very timid. She told me about the testimony she has for prayer. It was amazing to see a little 14 year old talk about prayer the way she did. She also came to church with her parents, and really that family is just growing so strong. I love them so very much and it is weird how that works only knowing them for a couple of months.

We have a change in the mission we can now go to the temple once a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for this for the longest time!! The temple has become so special to me and really it helps me so much!
I know that this is the work of God and I know that he wants us all to be engaged in it to help bring our brothers and sisters to eternal life. I know that as we strive to do what He wants and to follow Christ we will have these desires to do these things. I love God and our brother Jesus and I know that when we follow them that is when we have real happiness. So if your not happy. Get with it and start following. 

I love you all!

Elder Smith

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