Monday, September 29, 2014

This week was Awesome!

This week was awesome!  We had a lot of lessons and we found 9 new people!! It's so awesome to teach and to feel the spirit!. Sometimes I don't want the lesson to end because it feels so good. My new companion has 15 months in the mission and he is the same age as me! HE is a cool guy and we have a good time but sometimes he likes to be chueko!! which means not obedient.. nothing bad but stuff that I don't like! So I'm going to have to learn how to deal with it and to help us as a companionship. I'll be honest I don't like having a gringo companion because we always talk in English,  and I don't want to learn English right now.

So with our investigators we have a decent amount now but no one went to church this last week so we are working on that and we are trying to involve the ward with our work because we need help with lessons and the ward doesn't have very much excitement so we are going to try to help that.. 

SO, there is this boy that is a convert and he has 10 years. He and his sister are the only members in his family but his sister doesn't go to church anymore. He lives like a mile from the church and he goes to church by himself every week. He is so grown up when he talks to us about having an appointment. He is such and example for me and everyone around him. We all need to have the desire to have this in our life to do things even though we will be doing it solo. 

Thanks for everything miss you guys!!! 

Peace from Elder Smith

Monday, September 22, 2014

We had another baptism!

This week was long. I got to teach the class for our district that was overwhelming and I felt like I was going to die. I taught on why we do contacting and why its important to for us to find new people to teach. I learned how to keep my mind focused this week and how to control my mind from wondering onto another subject and I have found how awesome it is to really make this place our home. So, today we had transfers I have a new companion his name is Elder Hix. He is from Wyoming so I get to be with a gringo again. He is a cool dude but I really do like them Latinos. haha

We had a baptism it was planned for this week but we didn't think it was actually going to happen.  It did and it was the son of the family that their house burnt down and so things have been crazy with that. Our other investigator, her name is Marcia, she has had a rough life.  I'm so positive she is going to be baptized, she is so much happier and really wants this change in her life. Its been so exciting to see this change. So with this change I will be leading the sector for the first while because my companion doesn't know the sector I'm a tiny bit worried about it because I don't feel like I know all of it but whatever, I'm ready!!!

Love you all keep smiling!

Monday, September 15, 2014

World Service Day

We  had a zone conference on Wednesday, in the morning and we didn't get back until 630 in the night. Then the next day was the 11 of September and that is a day of crap so we had to enter in our house at 6.  Saturday was World Service Day for the church so we painted a town... or like the main street and all the houses and stores on it. It was super cool. We didn't have too many lessons but we had one with this lady that I had contacted last week and it was super awesome. She said she is so confused why we have a new day every day and she had gone through some rough things in her life... she was raped when she was young and now her son that is 8 was recently raped... as my mom would say "people are messed up." It's been so good, on our second visit she was so much happier and she had read the Book of Mormon. We  talked about baptism and she has a date now. I know that if we keep listening to the spirit and teach what she needs she will be baptized.
I've felt so much different in the mission now.. I feel like I was born here and my life before was a dream.  It's so crazy how much love we can have for these people in the short amount of time. 
I know this is true... why would I be here in Chile if it weren't. I feel it in my heart every day and that is what keeps me going!

Love you guys!! Thanks peace out until next week... if I live... it's the 17th and that's like the 4th of July down here but it's a little crazier!!

Really missing that slack line of his...

Monday, September 8, 2014


This last week was wonderful. Right after we got done with p-day a none active family's house burnt down and we have been helping rebuild their house so..... that's awesome. I truly felt their pain when we were at the house... or what was left of it.. I didn't know what to do my heart was full of sadness and I just wanted to cry because I'm a baby now. All I wanted to do was help and there was nothing we could do in that moment. This last week the barrio has really come together and have been helping a lot. The lady that lived there, she is a member but she never had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, she was only baptized because her  husband. So she had been asking for an answer physically to know the Book of Mormon is true and she had been reading a different book for a different religion. Weird, she hadn't gotten an answer because she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon... But her other book and Book of Mormon were next to each other in the fire. The other book had burnt... like gone and the Book or Mormon  was still there.. It's crazy what kind of answers we can receive when we have the right amount of faith.

This week I have learned it is necessary to love the language and love Chile and I have been asking for help for that because its really hard to love it here sometimes because well its not like great old Utah!!! 

That's this week. Love you all and keep smiling!
we hiked.... well took a taxi to the top of this hill called San Cristobel and that was cool... went to a mall because someone needed new shoes and we ate McDonalds.... haha and now just writing my you.
 He said he didn't know I was there...Its my car...wish I was there visiting!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Este Semana

Well this week has gotten better....  we didn't find any new people but we had some great lessons. We have been talking to this lady... named Laddy and she is super cool she just tells us she wants to get baptized and she wants this change in her life.
Another family finally came to church, I asked  them if we could just pass by in the morning and walk with  them??? Well it worked and they came... that's the family in the picture! 
So, I've been praying for some more help in knowing my objective more fully as a missionary and I got a pretty strong answer.  The sisters in our district had a baptism on Sunday and we all went and sang I love to look for rainbows.. but in Spanish.  I had this super strong feeling that was just telling me like, look you idiot the answer is right here in this baptism!! Sorry I can't explain it better but it was super awesome. 
My Spanish is getting better with time and when I look back to my very first day in the CCM life is crazy because I had no idea what the people were saying in that place and now I kinda do... ha but miracles do happen!! 

love you all!! keep smiles on your faces at all times!!!