Monday, September 15, 2014

World Service Day

We  had a zone conference on Wednesday, in the morning and we didn't get back until 630 in the night. Then the next day was the 11 of September and that is a day of crap so we had to enter in our house at 6.  Saturday was World Service Day for the church so we painted a town... or like the main street and all the houses and stores on it. It was super cool. We didn't have too many lessons but we had one with this lady that I had contacted last week and it was super awesome. She said she is so confused why we have a new day every day and she had gone through some rough things in her life... she was raped when she was young and now her son that is 8 was recently raped... as my mom would say "people are messed up." It's been so good, on our second visit she was so much happier and she had read the Book of Mormon. We  talked about baptism and she has a date now. I know that if we keep listening to the spirit and teach what she needs she will be baptized.
I've felt so much different in the mission now.. I feel like I was born here and my life before was a dream.  It's so crazy how much love we can have for these people in the short amount of time. 
I know this is true... why would I be here in Chile if it weren't. I feel it in my heart every day and that is what keeps me going!

Love you guys!! Thanks peace out until next week... if I live... it's the 17th and that's like the 4th of July down here but it's a little crazier!!

Really missing that slack line of his...

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