Monday, September 1, 2014

Este Semana

Well this week has gotten better....  we didn't find any new people but we had some great lessons. We have been talking to this lady... named Laddy and she is super cool she just tells us she wants to get baptized and she wants this change in her life.
Another family finally came to church, I asked  them if we could just pass by in the morning and walk with  them??? Well it worked and they came... that's the family in the picture! 
So, I've been praying for some more help in knowing my objective more fully as a missionary and I got a pretty strong answer.  The sisters in our district had a baptism on Sunday and we all went and sang I love to look for rainbows.. but in Spanish.  I had this super strong feeling that was just telling me like, look you idiot the answer is right here in this baptism!! Sorry I can't explain it better but it was super awesome. 
My Spanish is getting better with time and when I look back to my very first day in the CCM life is crazy because I had no idea what the people were saying in that place and now I kinda do... ha but miracles do happen!! 

love you all!! keep smiles on your faces at all times!!!

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