Monday, August 25, 2014

It's a Mission, it doesn't get easier we just get stronger!

Okay this week was well, it was a better week but at the same time its a mission and it doesn't get easier we just get stronger.  I always think the mission is getting better and then something happens and I feel sad or I just don't know exactly why I am out here. The end of this week I have felt this emptiness inside of me and I don't know what it is I have been praying so much and sometimes I feel like I pray too much and that God is tired of hearing the same thing from me but I really needed some help because I don't like feeling this way.
I have to push my companion a lot for us to be looking for more people because we have like 2 investigators and they are wonderful but we need to always be finding more. I am learning humility a lot and I honestly have to pray so much to keep going some times. There are some missionaries that are always talking about home and I hate it because they have three months more in their missions and I have only three months into my mission. I have realized how grateful I am for all my family and friends I have had some seriously good examples and my life has been impacted from it!!
I love you guys and wish you the best!!

(This is what he said regarding his back... better. haha they gave me pills and my back feels lots better. I have an exam on my back this Saturday so I'll let you know how that goes. Seriously it's not a big deal because my p blessing says that I am going to do some things in my mission and those things haven't happened yet so I wont be getting sent home. )

(This was his reply when I asked if he felt the earthquake...yes it was big... 6.3 I was in my house the 4th story of the building... ahhaha I don't like them that much.)

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