Monday, August 4, 2014

God works in mysterious ways!

Okay so this week we had some good stuff happen. First  I found out that the lady that I baptized said that she chose me because she said the first time she saw me she knew i was going to baptize her.... well I'm  creeped out by this but at the same time I guess its cool. hahah who knows. because she talks a lot about how after our missions we should just stay here and do our studies in Chile. pffff hahaha this lady is crazy because she obviously doesn't know what Logan/Utah is like.

Next, our new investigator his name is Luiz!! he seriously is great. Our second time visiting him he had read 12 chapters in the Book of Mormon and then on top of that he explained it to me!! seriously it was awesome. then he came to church yesterday and was with us all three meetings and at the end of priesthood they were asking for volunteers for a service project and he volunteered himself!!! WOW!!!

We also had an awesome family home evening with so many people seriously everyone was crying and the spirit was with us so much!!! We showed the Mormon message Mountains to Climb!! Look it up its a good one!!

So last week we had talked to some guy and he wanted us to go to his house and teach to him and he gave us his address and then we told him we would pass by..... so a couple days latter we passed by and it wasn't the guys house it was this nice old lady that let us in right away and then she wanted to hear our message and she told us that she has read the book of Mormon a couple times before and that her daughter was LDS!! seriously God does work in mysterious ways!! 

It's been a hot week!!! I seriously hate clothes I wish I could walk around naked... or I guess now just in my g´s that's naked for us Mormons!!!

The last thing is that I had seafood..... yuck!!! I thought I was going to die!!! like clams and stuff... I thought I found a pearl for a second but it wasn't.

Entonces that's all for this week!! I love you all and I wish you all the very best. keep smiling people of America!! or Utah!!!
Elder Chase Smith

Pictures from an outing with Chase's district up to the Ande's

 paint from a service project

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