Monday, July 28, 2014

First Baptism!!!

OKAY SO....  this week has been fast I guess...  I don't really know what's fast and what's slow anymore.. time just seems to be going. I went on an interchange with my district leader and that was cool. I had baptism this week... that was cool. There isn't much to talk about other then it's been the same. We got a new family to teach and the guy I swear is ready to be baptized.
Oh ,and the family that went to the other church they decided to not want anything to do with any church and some decided to go to the other church so that was a big bummer. I've been working on being positive and trying to always  think of good things so I am constantly happy. 
I shared my testimony about the temple.... obviously in Spanish.... that made me tear up and yeah I could feel the spirit there really strong. It's been super hard to be happy and always just keep pushing forward with our work but there is something that is always pushing me and I just wish I could roll over and die sometimes. I am so exited to learn the stinking language, because that is what is killing me.  I  hate not being able to say what I  want to say.
We got  new schedule.... so we wake up at 6:30 now and that sucks..  everything is rearranged and is different but our president is a Man of God and we just need to have faith in him and trust him. 

Anyways!!! love you all soo so so so much wish I could have been with you this short summer.. haha oh yeah your summer is almost over.... 

alright love you all

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