Monday, July 14, 2014

They must know my name is chase....

Okay so I'm going to start with my investigators.... I don't know if that's how its spelled in English... oops. Okay so we have this lady.. her name is C she is seriously so amazing and it's cool to see her change but this last week we were late to her house and when we got there we found out that she had gone to another church.... yeah we were so bummed so now we are working on being on time..  I think it will be good because we can ask her how she liked the church and ask her the differences and use it to teach a good lesson so I'm excited about that. Another lady... P she is amazing she wants to get baptized and she knows the church is true but she just won't come to church. The other day we passed by her house and she had read the whole gospel principles book. Yeah that was awesome. I don't know why she won't just come to church!!!

So the things I like about Chile...well its super different here but I'm starting to like it more I love the people, for the most part all the people are super sympathetic.  I like the mountains other than that Utah is the best.
My challenges that I have is the language. I just wish so much that I could express myself the way I want to. It's so frustrating to be in a lesson and I have something I want to share and I can't say it.  I guess that's pretty much it... 
Whenever I am studying I always am running over something about pride. Holy cow pride can be so many things I've learned that even super small things are pride. The things I've been working on the most is Christ like attributes. Those help me so much and I love learning about them. 

We eat pretty much whatever the person that feeds us gives us and I have had some bad stomachaches....  I don't think they cook everything correctly. 

It's not too cold but when it is I stay warm soooooo that's awesome.

It's just me and my comp in our house and its super nice because I might die if I had to deal with more elders. Some of the elders that are going home soon are so immature I want to kill them sometimes but I hold back because it's one of the ten commandments... thou shalt not kill.... 
I got your package just letting you know. 
Some dogs killed their owner the other day... I'm sick of getting chased by dogs... they must know my name is Chase...

Okay well peace out world!!

Love you all keep up the good work!
Elder chase smith

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