Monday, July 21, 2014

I talked for what seemed like ended up being ten minutes!!

This week was fast... but super slow at the same time. I went on an interchange with a Latin and that was a new experience. I was super angry with my companion because it was him that made it happen and I was mad that he wasn't training me...... well yeah I just wanted to scream and tell him that he is supposed to train me.

Something happened when we were on the bus headed to a place called Lampa for district meeting and we passed a stop that had this guy laying there on the ground coughing up blood and had blood coming out of his nose and he was laying on the ground. There were other people there but there were  at least 6 missionaries on this bus and none of us jumped out to help this man. I was so frustrated the rest of the day because I felt like I should jump out and help this guy.  I didn't and part of the reason was because I was squeezed in a seat... I just thought to myself the whole rest of that day how dumb that was of me and I knew that we could of helped him and given him a blessing but none of us did. I was so upset because I was this new missionary and there were so  many missionaries that had been out way longer than me and they didn't do anything. 

I realized that what I felt was a prompting from the Holy Ghost and that I didn't act upon my feelings and because of it I felt so sick the rest of the day. I seriously had to hold the tears in my eyes on the bus... it really was a tough day. 

We had that lady that went to a different church and we went and met with her and seriously it was different, it was like she didn't want to hear from us and like she had shut her heart..,,,, I just know that the spirit was with us that lesson because I was on fire... I just went crazy with my Spanish and I talked for what seemed like seconds but ended up being ten minutes... 

This week I am going on another interchange with my district leader and then on Friday I am going on one with my friend from the CCM and another kid from the CCM. We are all going to have trouble with our Spanish but I am so excited for it.....

I love you all thanks for everything
 Happy day!!!

 Chase said they were doing a service project and re-doing a lady's whole house! It's not quite done yet!
 They were helping a member with his bike while he made them lunch...Chase should have been putting new brakes on his bike!
 This lady is 103 turning 104 in August...he thought his sisters would appreciate this cute old lady because they love old people!
 Photo bomber!!

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