Monday, September 8, 2014


This last week was wonderful. Right after we got done with p-day a none active family's house burnt down and we have been helping rebuild their house so..... that's awesome. I truly felt their pain when we were at the house... or what was left of it.. I didn't know what to do my heart was full of sadness and I just wanted to cry because I'm a baby now. All I wanted to do was help and there was nothing we could do in that moment. This last week the barrio has really come together and have been helping a lot. The lady that lived there, she is a member but she never had a testimony of the Book of Mormon, she was only baptized because her  husband. So she had been asking for an answer physically to know the Book of Mormon is true and she had been reading a different book for a different religion. Weird, she hadn't gotten an answer because she wasn't reading the Book of Mormon... But her other book and Book of Mormon were next to each other in the fire. The other book had burnt... like gone and the Book or Mormon  was still there.. It's crazy what kind of answers we can receive when we have the right amount of faith.

This week I have learned it is necessary to love the language and love Chile and I have been asking for help for that because its really hard to love it here sometimes because well its not like great old Utah!!! 

That's this week. Love you all and keep smiling!
we hiked.... well took a taxi to the top of this hill called San Cristobel and that was cool... went to a mall because someone needed new shoes and we ate McDonalds.... haha and now just writing my you.
 He said he didn't know I was there...Its my car...wish I was there visiting!

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