Monday, July 27, 2015

Baptism...It's like having a smile that never fades!!!


The last two weeks have been crazy. I have been learning a lot about taking the initiative in working  a lot because my companion is still getting used to everything and it's been a good time!! Two baptisms last Sunday, Kevin (the son of Ana Maria that got baptized a couple weeks before), got baptized and it was super awesome he is so good and really he loves the church and wants to serve a mission so it makes me happy to see him progressing in the ward. We just have to help him watch his mouth because he still is trying to leave the bad words behind. He also has 13 years, he got confirmed yesterday and will get the priesthood this Sunday if it all works out fine. Yesterday, the parents of the Zenteno family were baptized and their kids and some friends came so that was way exciting for us. After they got bapized we went back into the sacrament room and sat down and I overheard (Note: their names are Jose and Maria) Maria say to Jose "It's like having a smile that never fades"! Man I was so excited for them because God has been able to help them through two imperfect missionaries. I remember praying and fasting for a family, that we could find and help and after two weeks we found one, and after four we found another and now both of these families are all starting to make covenants with their Heavenly Father. 
I also had to do a baptismal interview and it was my first one.. I was nervous and sick on top of that. It was a 14 year old kid and I thought awesome a piece of cake. Man this was a different experience I will never forget. HE is the SMARTEST 14 year old I have ever met. It felt like he read my soul. That may sound weird, but he literarly was looking at my eyes the whole time and was reading me. It was like he was flipping through a book and finding everything out about me. Well it was super cool and man I felt a little weird after because I've never had that happen. 
I'm still learning a lot about patience and enduring the hard times but even though I feel like it gets harder, every time something presents itself, I know and feel that I am stronger after and I know that I can do it for the next time. It's been really hard to get happy this last week being sick and all, but I know I could not give a bad example to my companion, so I kept going even though it took all my power. 
I know that God lives. I know that Jesus is the Christ and I know that he suffered every little thing for us. This is the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Con amor y mucho cariño 

Elder Smith


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