Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Area! Great Week!

This week was a little rough but I got through it. The bishop here has been bishop for 12 years and man he is worn out. We are working on all the members to think of only the good things that he does so that we can progress and help this ward. We have an average of like 60 people every Sunday. But yesterday we had 81 sooo we are seeing progress.

This new area that we live in is small. We use to live 35 min away, so we wasted a lot of time walking.  Now we are in a different house that is 20 min away.. I dont know the sector too well, which scares me but it's all good because I know it will come.. The area is a little different than my last one but it will be okay.


 My new companion is named is Elder Aguirre and he is from Argentina so that's awesome!!  He is a really strong guy spiritually and loves the work. This last week we worked really hard and rarely had a lot of other time. I really enjoyed it because I feel like we can help each other and now it's not like everything is falling on me.  He is teaching me a lot and helping me learn more and more! He is sick! We are always having a good time and he wants to work and be better. We have the same time in the mission, we got here together but didn't know each other.. mostly cuz I didn't speak Spanish... ha but we work a lot and there is no time for anything. We drink matè a lot!!! Which is was made in Argentina sooooo I'm learning how to make it and drink it the good way.

We are teaching a boy that has 12 years and is disabled and acts like he is 8 so we have to teach in a very loving way so that he understands.  I love him and I think he will get baptized soon.  We have quite a few less actives and recent converts that aren't coming to church so we are also working with them a lot.
Con Amor, Elder Smith

Sorry no pictures!  The internet café was not working quite right!


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