Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Letter from Hermana Wolf to Elder Smiths Dad!

I just have to share this wonderful letter from a member of Elder Smiths last area...Chase loves this family and they have been so kind to the missionaries! 

Dear Brother Smith ... Thanks for having such a good son ..We are grateful to have met Elder Smith ... now he went to another area...and we are very sad .. yet we know he will do very well since he is a wonderful missionary .. You must be very proud of him because he is the best missionary I've seen in my life !!! He has much love for people .... and is doing excellent work with people ... also always doing service and helping people !!! Be happy with your child, he is developing all the qualities of the Savior !!! Thank you dear Brother for teaching your child early to be so strong, no doubt you taught him at home ... I love you !!!!!!Family Smith

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