Monday, March 23, 2015

Yo Yo Yo!

Well these last two weeks have been crazy and I really feel weird. It's been weird to have to get to  know a new area and people. We have been working our butts off and really I have been so tired. On Friday we decided to fast because we needed some help with ourselves and in the work. IT was a really hot day and we literally died that day. We had so much success but by the end of the day we couldn't move and then the next day we only had one lesson and we walked a lot. I'm still trying to recuperate!!

So I'm still learning so much about how we can follow God and do all what He wants. I have been seeing the little things in what I can do to do his will and even though I sometimes would rather do something else I know that God will bless me and I will be happier if I do what He wants even though it doesn't seem as pleasing.

Some fun stuff. So I was contacting someone while my companion was talking to another persona and this girl came to the fence and she was just like gazing at me.  I introduced myself and then started to asked her some stuff to know a little more about who she is. Then I asked, "What is the most important thing in your life?" Well usually the people say my kid or my family... but no.. she said "AMOR" or love... haha she said it like really strangely and me being an awkward missionary I forgot what to say because I haven't had to deal with that before. So I said "yeah love for your family" haha then she said that we could pass by her house and at this time my companion was by my side and I asked her where she lived so we could note it down and she didn't understand me so... I said it again very unsure if I was talking in Spanish and man it was the most awkward thing!! Plus all the ladies have been yelling things at me and it bugs me. One more thing, I had 2 guys kiss me on the cheek this week.. it's not too weird here because some guys do that.. and some missionaries, but I wasn't used to random dudes doing that..

This week was full of goodness and things are looking better.

I love you all. I pray for the best for you all.

Love Elder Smith.


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