Monday, June 30, 2014

out in the MISSION for 2 weeks

So I've been out in the MISSION for 2 weeks its getting weird seriously I struggle with everything. Spanish is coming I can understand pretty well now I just need to work on talking more. My comp is awesome seriously I would die without him. We have been working hard and having a good time. So my first Sunday on the mission I had to help give a blessing in Spanish... you could say that was rough hahaha my comp helped me so much. We had to move houses and that was an all day experience kinda rough but whatever. I am loving the people here they are all so kind.... well all except the drunk dudes and the people that hate us, but other than those people they are awesome I seriously love them so much. I have been feeling the spirit so much and it tells me to say something...... in English and then I think like how the freak am I supposed to translate that to Spanish. That's been fun. My area is super big and we get bikes.. super cool I'm about and hour away from the city and I am so happy about that I was sick of just looking at buildings. It definitely shocked me.... like some of these people have some crap houses.... then they whip out these super nice phones and cars, I don't think they like their houses very much....

Church is so different.. But I swear every week the spirit is so strong in that place. The people are so different here it makes things really awesome but I like it.

So today obviously is p day and we decided to drive for an hour to  place called Lampa and go on a hike with some other elders. It was awesome... as soon as we got above the fog... then we found this cave and found gold. I kid you not it was gold I even grabbed some and took a photo that I sent soooo just saying I'm a pretty rich kid right now.... so don't be surprised if when I come home in my private plane. Just saying.

Alright that's it for this week. 

Thanks so much for everything. Love you all!

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