Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Welcome to the JUNGLE!

So, its my last p day here at the MTC and in 7 days from today I leave into the jungle. Haha one of our teachers took us out to contact people the other day and in her Chilano accent she said "welcome to the jungle."  It was hilarious. So, not much happened this week but it got super cold and it rained a lot.
My spiritual experience was me being humbled..  I've been having a difficult time having to listen and follow my DL and seriously its tough, it gets me so angry sometimes. Anyways, about Thursday last week I couldn't feel the spirit and I didn't really know what was going on. This continued until Friday night when I realized what was going on. Seriously, I didn't know what to do without the Holy Ghost, it was like I was lost... so I prayed... a lot and asked for help and ever since then I have been fine and I have been a good little boy.

Just a reminder I don't have p day next week so I wont be talking to you... well that's from what I know so don't be worried if you don't hear from me.

Mom, seriously that is such a cool experience. I'm so glad that happened. I definitely know I am safe because I am in the Lords hands.

Love you guys so much!!!

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