Monday, June 30, 2014

1st week there! He is in Colina Chile!

Yo yo yo yo whats up??!! So the first week was rough getting used to life here but its all fine now. My trainer is rad so I don't think we will have a problem with that.
Seriously it was so rough I'm in a poor area not the poorest but its pretty bad.
Okay, I don't have much time but this week was crazy I can tell that my Spanish is growing and I seriously am struggling in English now. So last night someone offered me a raw egg.... as a joke when they didn't think I would eat it I grabbed it and totally downed it.... the rest of the night I felt sick... but it's whatever... yolo so not much to say other than my life here is starting to get better.. I realized how fast time goes out here... it's crazy. I gave my first Spanish blessing last night that was not expected but I did it and I seriously felt the spirit even though I struggled... We have visited so many people and I seriously love the people here they are the best I think that's what has helped me the most... it's rough because I can't communicate as much as I want to but that will come with time.

I love you all and I will send you a longer letter next week I spent too much time reading all the emails I got this week. 

Peace out from elder chase smith

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