Friday, October 16, 2015

I know that God has sent me to this area!

This week was super long!! I got to my sector and all I can say is that things needed to change so we took the whole week to work and change everything. The ward is small but the same amount of people attend like my other ward. I got here and they had not  been working at all. They spent a lot of time with members and less actives and were not progressing and their only investigators were found in January of this year and they are still working with them.... But I'm excited because I feel like I was sent here to help... not just in my sector but in my zone because this zone has the lowest number of baptisms and on top of that it has a lot of disobedient missionaries. Soooooo, it's going to be rough but I am excited to see what happens. 

  We really didn't have anyone that they were working with to get baptized so we went looking and after a good day of walking and talking to people we contacted a man that was standing outside his house. We started talking to him.. he had a football jacket on from the states, so I started talking to him about that... after a little while, he said that his son is in Utah studying English and UVU!!! This was cool... now on top of that his son will be baptized this Saturday in Utah! 

We met with him again and taught him about the restoration, then we challenged him to be baptized and he took the date. 

I know that God has people chosen that are ready to hear his message but all we have to do is to talk and to open our mouths. I also learned that I need to work a lot more on being a good leader and studying more about the life of Christ so I can try and be like him. I know that this is true and that this is the work of God. I love this work and I love serving and growing closer to God. I know that God loves us and I know that even though things are hard we can get through them but we have to trust that we can do it, but only through Gods help.

I love you all!! 

Con mucho amor, 

!Elder smith

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