Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Endure to the End!

Well this last week was good... with me going to the therapy we often loose time to work and it kills me. Sometimes I feel like I'm a terrible missionary and I imagine that all of us have felt like that. I was determined to turn that around and to have a better week. OThursday I went and did interchanges with an elder in our district and it was good. We did a service project and talked a lot. I got to know him and it was cool because I didn't know who he was before and it was nice. At night when we were in the house he opened up and just talked to me. I honestly didn't talk but I decided to just listen and listen. He basically told me his life story but I felt good because he seemed happy to open up and talk to me about that stuff. 

The next day we worked in the morning because I had to be at therapy in the afternoon and it was cool. My companion seemed even happier and he was talking with a lot of people doing contacts and that never happens sooooo it really was a blessing. 

So now we are going to back up a little on Tuesday and Wednesday I had gotten bit by a bunch of.. well I don't know what but the Presidents wife said I had scabies... sooo I  really had no idea what that was it just sounded bad.... well they told it to me in Spanish.. Anyway, I  told her on Friday,  the next day on Saturday they sent me to the clinic again and well...I'm sick of that place. The people looked at all my bites said I was okay and then they drugged me up by IV and man I really wanted to kick the nurse she was not nice with the needle. So Saturday, we were in the house all day because I was drugged. But I got to study a lot even though they told me to rest... or sleep but I didn't want to so I read and studied. With those studies I could really feel my spirit grow and it helped me feel more of Gods love for me and I  understand a little bit more of the gospel. 

On Sunday, the Bishop told me that I would be speaking right before sacrament started.  I had know idea what I was going to share I immediately started thinking about my studies and I found a scripture I liked. I then had to pass the sacrament and during that time we need to be thinking of Christ and really I just wanted to think about what I was going to talk about because I'm a freak.  I was nervous. I then prayed for help and said to myself that if I think and focus about Christ during the sacrament God will help me.. so right after I stood up to go to sit down the Bishop said that I  would be talking.. I was not ready, so I grabbed my Book of Mormon and went up to the pulpit. With my legs shaking I started my talk... I don't know when I stopped shaking but I just talked and talked and really I am so grateful for God because I know that what came out of my mouth was given to me by the spirit. It was soo cool I felt like it was one of the best talks I have ever given and I just felt spiritually pleased. 

Anyway, my week was a little weird. I love you all and I encourage you all to endure to the end. Don't just hang in there. 

Con amor, 

Elder Smith

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