Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Working hard!

So this last week was good. It's been super weird in this new sector and I've really been trying to work hard but.... it's been hard because I don't  know this new sector. We have been talking and helping some of the leaders of the ward so that we all can work together to the strengthen the ward and really start to progress. 

We recently started working with a family that really is excited to come back to church and a another girl that is 22 that wants to come back. We took this family and this sister to the temple this week and had a tour so that they could get to know the temple. It was super good! It seemed like this single mother of the family and this girl got along super well and they are both going to help one another come back to church. The family came to church and the girl didn't. We don't know why because well she is a firefighter but we haven't been able to contact her. 

I've also been learning a lot this change with my new comp. It's been a new challenge and sometimes I find it hard but I am learning more and more how to love as Christ does. 

Other then the people that we are reactivating, not too much is happening. We have been trying to find more and more people but haven't been finding too much success. We will continue to work hard and do what we need to. 

I love you all and hope the best for you all!! 

Con much amor,

 Elder Chase Smith

PS. Elder Smith let me know that he didn't end up having scabies but a severe reaction to a bug bite.  They treated it with some medicine in the IV and sent him home last week with some other medication and he is doing much better.

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