Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hard work pays off!!

This week was good!! Our sector is good I enjoy it but it's a bit rough because the leaders aren't working. I have some ideas that we are going to try and pass by the bishop to start working on them. The missionaries are good and we are all getting better. I recently found out that the sisters are a bit disobedient and I think it's because one goes home next week. I try to learn with them as I teach. I don't like to make it seem like I am telling them to do things. I try to invite the spirit and then I put myself there with them because I know that I have a lot to learn too. We are finding more people but this sector is one of the places where the church started here in Chile so there are a lot of members that aren't active and don't know anything about the Church but we are working a lot with part member families. I have been practicing playing the hymns on the piano to invite the spirit more during sacrament meeting so that I can help all the ward members. 

We are starting to find and have success. We found a family thanks to an activity all of the missionaries did for our wards. We invited the members to pray, fast, and think of someone they could gift a Book of Mormon to and then give it to them and pass us the reference. Soooooo this last week payed off. We found a family "Bak├ín" that has two less actives and four people that are not members. We went over to their house and it was cool!! We started getting to know them really fast and then we shared a message and gave them all a copy of the Book of Mormon. It truly was such a big blessing because it's been hard to find people here in this area, although I  know that there are always people ready for the gospel we just have to find them and do our part. 

I know that God lives. I know that He loves us and that this life is part of His plan. I know that this is Christs church and that He loves us and that He payed for our sins our pains and everything.  The gospel is the way and we need to live it. 

I love you all 

Con mucho amor,

 Elder Smith

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