Tuesday, November 17, 2015

2 Nefi 15!

This week was awesome. We started to see more of the blessing from our work and we are starting to work even harder. So we were able to have interchanges on Friday and I learned a lot about seeing people more for who they are.

We have a family that is going to church. It's a family of 6 and two of them are members and they want to return to the church. So we started working with them a couple weeks ago... maybe one.  They really have started to do a lot to follow Christ. A little girl with 11 years is in 2 nefi 15 and she started reading maybe 2 weeks ago. The grandpa that really isn't old just wants to get baptized and will do anything to follow Christ and be baptized.

Seeing these people love this makes me feel with a feeling that I can't describe! I feel a huge love and peace and the spirit is so strong because they just want to do the right thing.

I think that I have learned a lot about how reading the scriptures helps me. I think that more then anything when I don't read, I don't feel the spirit as strong and I don't feel as protected... in my patriarchal blessing it says that if I read the Book of Mormon every day I will never lose my testimony and it will strengthen me.. I really have seen those blessing in my life and some days when it's like we never have time because we have to wake up early for a conference or something I always try and read because I know that it blesses us. 

 I pray that we will be able to be the Lords servant and guide them correctly!

 I love you all!!

 Con mucho amor,

 Elder Smith

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