Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New investigators and donkey milk!!!

Well this week was great. We started to work better or we started to see the fruits from our labors. The zone leaders taught on diligence and why it’s important. I thought that was a great thing for the whole zone to learn more about. My companion and I started to work on that and we also learned a lot this week about LOTS of stuff. 

We were able to talk to a lot of people this week and we found many more people to teach. We still have to wait to see if they will progress but it was great to talk to them and teach them a little bit but we will see this next week or so. 

We have an investigator that has been progressing a lot and her name is Emily.  Her mother named her after a sister missionary that taught her. She is 11 and really wants to get baptized. Her grandma and mom are both members that are starting to come back to church now and really are supporting Emily. It’s amazing to see the excitement Emily has when we teach her or when we invite her to do something. She loves reading the Book of Mormon and she has just been reading it like crazy. 

We also learned a lot about getting robbed by some Chilean selling donkey milk... let’s just say I had to try it and before we knew it, we were having to pay a lot of money.

(Mom note:  This part is from an email we got Friday)

... well you could say something super stupid happened to us today. So we left the house today and some guy was selling donkey milk... me being me,  I wanted to try it. So I told me companion that we were going to ask how much it was to try some. Well he told me 1000 Chilean pesos (that’s a little more than a dollar) for a class of milk. He told me that I had to go get a glass. I went and got a glass. Then I returned and he filled the class half full and I drank it... he started to say some more stuff about the milk and then asked my companion if he wanted some. My companion told him yes and he tried some then after that he started to explain more about  how much the milk costs and then both me and my companion did the math in our heads and asked him how much we would have to pay him. He said we had to pay him 4000000 Chilean pesos!!!! Well you could say that I felt like he was tricking us and that he didn’t explain it to us really in the first place. So I talked to him and told him that I was not going to pay him that much money. One because I wouldn’t be able to live for the next three weeks and 2 because I didn’t believe him and that he tricked us. We called some members and they told us that the milk was expensive but not that expensive. So, we tried to bargain because he tricked us. I wasn’t going to pay him that so I talked with him for an hour and half and he wouldn’t take anything less than 30 million pesos and we couldn’t get the police involved because our president... or I actually think it’s for all the missionaries...  but we can’t because they don’t want problems. Soooo, we paid him $25 for a glass of donkey milk!

My back is better I have really been trying to just work out a lot so that I can strengthen everything but the doc. told me that it still wouldn’t be enough. He told me that the good thing is that I will be living a normal life again soon and that I will have time to work out and do other things that will help... such as climbing and hiking and other things.

I’m so grateful for the time that I have to serve our Father in Heaven. I learn so much every day and really I never thought that I could be where I am now. I’m so grateful that I have this chance to help others know of the gospel of Christ now days and I’m glad that I can strengthen my testimony and come to the knowledge that I have and continue to keep learning. 

I love you all!!!!! 

Con Caleta de Amor,

 Elder Smith

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