Monday, November 24, 2014

This week was swell!!!

Really this week was great!! I told my companion at the first part of last week that I was going to call him out on everything that was chueko (basically bad) and I told him to do the same for me. I really feel like obedience is the key to so much. Some times I get so down on myself for it because I did something that I knew I shouldn't, like saying something in English that is offensive to the spirit. My love for obedience has grown and all I want to do is follow Jesus Christ and be like him.

So the week was actually super good we got a lot better with everything and things are going good.  My companion and I are doing better and life is good. Half way through the week I realized I was praying for help to have patience and help to love my companion... I wasn't praying for help for him so I started doing that and also so that we could strengthen our relationship. Really I am finding so many new things to do that helps in the mission. 
So on Saturday Jorge got baptized and it was so good! One of the members shared his testimony after because we asked him and man fue tan poderoso (it was really strong or powerful). I really love to see people change and to see in there eyes that they are set to go all the way. Jorge and his girl friend have a date to get married in February and then they are going to get sealed in the temple in one year. 
I love the mission and even though its hard and I feel like I cant do it anymore I just get pushed forward by something and things always get better. I love the gospel and I am so thankful for it. I have seen how my testimony has grown for the atonement of Jesus Christ and my love has grown for Him. I truly love this gospel and I want to endure to the end and have a forever family and live with our Heavenly Father again and Jesus Cristo. 

Les Amo tanto 

Con amor, Elder Smith


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