Monday, November 3, 2014


This week was better. It's still been kind of strange because we are doing a lot of walking because no one has been letting us in! We have had some good experiences though, we were with an inactive family and we were there trying to gain their confidence or what we like to call it "estábamos dando jugo" or giving juice. Really it was super good. We talked to them and got to know them better, and we talked about our lives. We tried to convince the daughter that has 19 years to stop dating her 44 year old boy friend... yeah he could be her dad. Anyways we finished with a prayer and they chose me to say it because they think I don't know Spanish very well... but I have my prayers down sooooo hahah, sorry that was prideful. But the prayer was said and after, there was this super calm spirit that hit and we just sat there for a second and my comp said something like "this right here, right now is the Holy Ghost" it was so strong and then one of them cracked a joke and it faded a little.

So we start a new change today and me and my comp are still together. We had a good couple talks on how we can improve our work and what we need to do. It was super good because we felt like this last change really was terrible. We felt like we could have left the ward so much better but we got the call and learned we will be here another change and we are making goals to kill it this change! I'm so grateful for the help us missionaries receive with everything and how we are watched so well by our Heavenly Father. 
I love the mission even though it is hard at times and I have to just buckle down and get through it. I know that in life we all have trials and that if we just tell our selves to take it one day at a time and just think about the day we are in and enduring it we can do it and we will get help from God and we will also learn so much!.

Les Amo Tanto

Elder Smith

 PS. I had to go to the mission Dr. because those flee bites got infected and he had to give me a shot and then use a knife to cut it open and take everything out. Nasty!! it hurt so bad but I'm all good.

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