Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Este semana

So this week was good as we have been more OBEDIENT as a companionship we have received a lot more blessings. But... we still have a lot to work on and I find myself having to lead... which is rough!

So in sacrament we have a goal of 120 people every week and we never have met it since I have been here... I've been here for a little over three months now... But this Sunday we had 127 people there for church... and on top of that between the 2 companionship's of missionaries we had ten investigators there so that was awesome! We just got blessed with this new investigator that has been taking lessons in a different ward because his girlfriend or almost wife lives there but then he decided to start coming to our ward. He is so ready for baptism and he is actually getting baptized this week, on Sunday so that came from no where and its awesome!! We are really trying to reactivate the inactives and bring families closer so we can help them decide to make temple covenants. 

Yesterday, we were blessed with the presence of Elder Nelson and his Wife.  Man Sister Nelson killed it! She talked about... well basically obedience!! she talked about as missionaries we are obedient and we receive blessing.... and she talked on how we can improve... then she shared something from one of the apostles stories about a missionary that was always doing good.She said obedience brings blessings but exact obedience brings miracles!! This hit me because its true, we can be obedient and we will get the blessings that are needed but if we want to see miracles we have to be exactly obedient!

Elder Nelson talked about ten things we need to study and one being, Jesus Christ. He said if I was a missionary right now I would base my studies around this one topic... so I wrote that down and now my studies will be like that. The things he talked about were super good but what hit me the most was his blessing for all of us at the end... I was so full of the spirit when  he said,  "I bless that you all will have a great desire to do this work to continue every day!" HE also blessed us that we will all get home from our missions safely and live a normal life again, and then he blessed our families... 
I don't know what it was but hearing those words coming out of his mouth just slapped me in my chest. A disciple of God just said these things to us and blessed us with all of this... right then and there I received the truthfulness of his words. Without a doubt that man is a disciple of Jesus Christ and a Man of God. 
I hope we can all strive to be like those examples we have in the church.

I love you all!!
Elder smith

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