Monday, February 23, 2015

Strive to find the good!

Well this last week was good. I have been seeing a lot of things. Me and my companion are doing much better and I think that is because we both have been doing better with everything. I feel like at one point I forgot how to love everyone for who they are and I forgot that that is who I am... it shows that Satan is always trying to destroy everything in everyway possible.
We have put 3 people with  baptism dates and that has been good. We have been finding more and more people and we have been losing time... aka working lots. I have been feeling Gods hand in my life a lot and I am so grateful that he is always here to help us move forward in life so that we can be happy!

We met an evangelical lady on the street and she verbally attacked us and told us we need to find the right path.. after like 5 to 10 min of her and my companion fighting I said, "hermana you want to know something. I have 19 years in my life.. and I am here so far away from my family and friends and everything. I had to learn this language on my own. I Know with all my heart that I am on the right path. I have asked God and I have gotten an answer so I don't need to ask him again.. but if you read this pamplet and you ask God if you are in the right path I will ask again." Anyways I was able to reflect that I really know that I am in the right place in my life. It was cool to say that to her and see her face.
In sacrament yesterday something crazy happened. In our ward we have a crazy guy that comes and he is always late when we comes and he interrupts the sacrament. So they have put people to watch the doors and well it was my turn. The last time it happened he pushed me out of the way and entered.. so they told me to use force the next time. Well he just happened to show up. He tried to come in.. I asked him to wait and then he said no and tried to enter.. so I grabbed him and we went outside.. I think it took the spirit away from the sacrament.  We ended up holding him outside until the sacrament was done. I personally didn't feel like that was necessary and I felt bad.. It made me sad to see him so angry and mad at me.. I was just following what they asked me to do. Anyway, I told them I won't do it again and then we decided that if someone wants to come in and not wait they can. Even though this guy is crazy I feel so much love for him and I feel so sad because everyone hates him. I told the ward that we need to be friend him and to help him spiritually and then he will be better.. they just pushed it to the side and didn't like the idea. I am still learning to love everyone and truly I feel like there is good in everyone even though it might take a lot to find it. 
Always strive to find the good. 

I love you all and wish the best for you. 

Remember who you are.

Con amor Elder Smith. 

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