Monday, February 1, 2016

God knows what we need!


Well this week was good. I think that it probably about killed me though. It’s been weird here, we got some rain and then some cloudy days and then it just hit us fast with really hot weather. I think that kills me because I was waaaaay tired. Well this week was like the week of vacations and nobody was home and I guess they also didn’t want to accept us. But it’s all good we had some good experiences. 

Our investigator Jorge is doing good but he struggles with getting to church because he is sick with his legs and can’t walk good and on top of that he doesn’t want a member to come get him in a car. He is stubborn but he really is gaining a testimony and his plan was to get baptized this Sunday but we will have to see if it all works out. 

Another investigator is named Mario, he is doing good. We had an awesome lesson with a member the other day with him and we talked about how he can’t progress if he doesn’t ask God in a prayer if what we say is true. He said we would pray that night and we told him that we were going to pass by the next day to follow up and see what his answer was. So, he got un answer saying that it’s the right path and that he needs to continue and he also has the desire to attend church which is awesome so this week he will be coming to church with us. 

Last Friday we had followed our plans and they had failed us so we were a little bummed and then we decided to do some contacts. We started knocking a street and from there we arrived at a door that I will never forget. We knocked (or in this case we yelled because that’s how you do it here in Chile) and a young dude with about 25 years came out and talked to us. At first he didn’t want to let us pass into the house and then we started talking. My companion said that through the message that we share he could know why there are so many churches... right then and there he asked "Why are there so many churches"? Soo when we first got to this house I started to feel the spirit so strong and really I hadn’t ever felt it so strong like I did when I was doing contacts. This amazed me and I was stunned because I didn’t understand why I was feeling it so strong. Okay, so after he had asked the question we answered and then he opened up and invited us in. We went in and shared with him and we came to find out that he had been looking for God for a while mostly, because he was changing his life around. This has helped me understand that God truly helps people find their way back to him. If we hadn’t been doing what we needed to be doing we would have never found him. Now we have plans to visit him this week and I know that for some reason God wanted us there when we got there.

I know that God lives and I know that Jesus Christ lives and that only through him we can have eternal life. Now let us all continue to turn to him always looking for help because he knows what we need and when we look and ask we will find what we need. 

I love you all!!

Con mucho Amor,

Elder Chase Smith

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