Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Well this last week was super good. We were able to work a lot and to teach a lot more than we have. We have been able to really start progressing and it is amazing to see what we can do with just a little bit of FE!!!! (Faith) 

So for our area down here in South America we had a special conference with Elder Bednar. It was super special because we learned together. While he was talking it really came to me that he was talking to us in our own language. Because us being young we do talk different and he didn’t treat us like older people that just understand. I could really feel the spirit testify that he is one of the special witnesses of Jesus Christ our Savior. I could really see it in his face. He asked us many questions and taught us and also answered the questions that we asked him. I am so thankful because we as missionaries are really learning how to do the work of God. 

We had a lesson with some guy that thinks and he is the last prophet of God. He told us that he talks with God and angels and stuff. Well His house was full of an evil feeling and when we started sharing I could not feel the spirit. While we were there I was testifying of Christ and the priesthood and the guy interrupted me and asked my name and then said "someone wants to talk to you". Well then I stopped talking and was super confused and he sat up all straight and looked at me like something else was in his body and said "Elder Smith, I am God and I have called Mauricio to be a prophet" Then it started saying a lot more crap that well I was just freaked out and kind of wanted to stand up and command that thing out of the house.. But I doubted in faith you could say and didn’t do it. But I kindly asked if I could talk to Mauricio again. Haha then we popped back into himself and was all happy and weird. It was a weird experience and we felt weird the rest of the day. 

We also were contacted by a Jehovah witness. Well that was interesting he told us that he would invite us into his house but we had to go in with an open heart and mind so that he could convince us. We then explained that we are willing to converse about God but we want to make sure that the Holy Ghost is there so HE, the holy Ghost could teach and convert us.

So our investigator named Mario got back from his vacations and we had a lesson with him yesterday and he told us that he feels that he wants to be baptized and that he wants to shoot for the 13th of March which was the date that we had put with him. He has grown so much and every time we share with him the spirit is so strong and I think that it’s not only because what we are sharing but because he is accepting it into his heart. On top of that he will be getting married this Saturday so we are super happy for him because, well sometimes that’s a hard step here. 

I know that God loves us all and that if we are humble enough he will give us what we need and what we ask. I know that Jesus lives and that he is our Savior. I love him and want to serve him always. I know that this is the only Church/Gospel that takes us to eternal life. Joseph Smith, a little boy full of faith, asked God and He got his answer. I know that God prepared him to establish the church of Christ again and I know that Christ leads it today through Thomas S. Monson. This is happiness and we all can have it. 

I love you all!!! Remember to be happy and positive. 

Con harto Amor,

Elder Smith

An elder Chase has trained and Elder Birrell who he is training now.


  1. Great posts from Elder Smith - love to read about the importance of faith and the blessing that comes to us in the world from having living prophets and apostles (in this case, Elder Bednar). Chase, keep blessing others through your service, testimony, faith, and Priesthood authority. Troy Nielson

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