Wednesday, March 16, 2016

When life gets hard don't give up!

This last week was great. We were able to work hard to see lots of fruits from our faith and action, trusting that God was going to bless us. 

On Wednesday, we were able to learn about conversion. I taught a class on conversion and did a lot of studying to prepare.  This helped me to understand so much and really get a lot out of the class. We talked about how conversion really isn’t just one instant or one time. It’s through our whole life. We have to constantly be converted and continue to be more converted every day. It was super good!

Later on in the week, I think it was the day Thursday. We had a lesson with a lady and her family. Her name is Angelica, she and her family are blessings that have come into our lives. We were a little late on our way over and she called us to see where we were. I told her that we were in front of her house (because we were). Then we went in and we started talking about what she had read about the restoration of the gospel. Then her husband came in and we had the whole family there. It was amazing to talk and converse about the gospel because well it was almost like we didn’t have to teach, it was like the spirit was there just teaching the whole time and we just laid back and talked a little. It was so cool to see how words we had said touched her heart! We had talked about how families can be together forever even after death. Not thinking too much about it we kept talking and later in the lesson she said, "I have never thought about that before, having a family forever and what happens after this life." 
The spirit was so strong and really it was so amazing to see this family and just be with them while the spirit entered into their hearts. 

We also had a special transmission on Sunday for all of Chile. It was really good there were 4 speakers and the last one was Elder Nelson. It was so good to hear and see the concern that the leaders of the church have for all of the world. 

To end I want to share that when life gets hard don’t give up. So many of us have those hard times and really one of the first things we want to do is give up. I know that is NOT what God expects of us. He wants us to be strong and to "suffer with JOY". He wants us to trust in him and know that everything is going to be okay. I know that this is true, because it has happened to me many times and the only thing that I have in my head sometimes are the words "just keep going and everything will be okay”!

I know that this is the true church and that God and his Son live and love us. I know that they appeared to a 14 year old boy that needed help that was looking for the truth and that he got an answer to his prayers and that he, Joseph Smith was able to restore the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this earth so that we can find never-ending happiness. 

I love you all!! 

Con harto Amor, 

Elder Smith

Me and my companion after we cleaned our apartment!

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