Friday, April 8, 2016


Well this last week was good. We were so excited for conference. My companion turned to me at one point and told me that this had turned into something like a big football game or something crazy. It really has become to be one of the highlights of the year for me. Hearing the words from the living prophet and apostles is so amazing and really it makes me feel so good to hear and find answers to that I have asked to know. I have grown to love the gospel in so many ways that I didn't think possible and really it gives me so much happiness even though I feel down because I'm not perfect.. but as we know we wont be perfect in this life. I really love learning about the talks that the people give and really I never knew that it was possible to have joy from sitting down for 10 hours watching people talk. I really loved what the Prophet said in his talk he gave in priesthood about standing in holy places. It made me think about how I just want to come home and progress and do what is right and not be engulfed in the world. It helped me to think about more of the importance of the priesthood and really what I do. It has helped me realize also what he said in the Sunday morning talk about choosing to take the harder right than the easier wrong. I think that this conference has helped me understand that I need to work hard and finish stronger than ever and everything will be okay after. 

This last week was a little crazy, we were working hard and man it seems like the days are getting shorter and we have less time because we are not finding enough to do all that we want and need to do. 

We have been teaching a boy named Andony from Peru. He is amazing. Ever since we found him he has come to church and is even attending mutual with the youth and seminary. He is progressing and doing well but his initial doubt that he had was that he had already been baptized before and he didn't know if he could be baptized again. We helped explain to him that he could be baptized again. But he just wouldn't hear us and put it together. But in these last 6 weeks that we have been working with him he has slowly started to progress and the other day we had a good lesson with him. About half way through the lesson the spirit just came over us and it was such a nice good, warm feeling that confirmed that Andony was progressing and that everything would be okay. 

It's been so amazing to me to see how God works. Like we read in Alma he works through small and simple things and really that's how things work. I know that Gods loves us and is here to help us if we first are humble and look for him and then are willing to do what he wants and expects of us. I know that Jesus is the Christ and and he paid for our sins and for our hard times and everything that has, is, or will happen in our lives. He knows what we need because he has felt the same thing. That is what he does. I know that the Holy Ghost is here to lead and guide us and to help us gain and strengthen us so that we can grow closer with God and his son. I know that Joseph Smith restored this gospel and that he is a prophet even the prophet that restored the priesthood power to this earth again. This is the path of never ending happiness and if we let God into our lives he will never lead us astray. 

Con mucho Amor,

Elder Smith 

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