Monday, October 20, 2014

Because of Him

This week was slow and nothing happened we didn't find that many people and we taught little lessons. It really was a rough week. We got to Sunday and we were blessed with something. This guy and his girl friend came to church. His girl friend is a member in the south part of Santiago and he lives in our sector. He wants to get a testimony and learn more and so that was awesome.

Then, on Sunday we had a fireside with the youth in our ward it was so good. The spirit was so strong and I was loving it. We talked about the mission and the importance of preparing now for it!! It was so strong mostly because the four elders that were there didn't really do much to prepare so we used some of our examples as what not to do and we ended with a movie called, Because of Him!!! Look it up if you haven't seen it. It is so powerful and we can learn so much from it. It is only like 3 minutes and after you will feel so ready to do anything that the lord wants you to do.

Love you all!!

les quiero Harto!!!

Elder smith!
 Pictures this week...not many!

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