Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference Weekend! It's an infierno down here!!!

 Life is good down here in infierno!! It's so hot and I really want them to change the rules and allow us to wear shorts. Ha, not going to happen!

This week I have been asking for guidelines in this general conference that we had. I really just needed something to help me. I thought I would have a hard time telling my companion that I wanted to be more obedient or do different things but it was easy and he felt the same way he just didn't want to say anything.
In conference it talked a lot about our Savior Jesus Cristo and who he is and how he acts. I loved this because our goal is to learn how to become more like our Heavenly Father and Jesus Cristo. The thing that stuck out the most is when we need to ask ourselves a simple question LORD WAS IT I... I liked this because we are always looking at others before we look at ourselves. I really want to apply this and change the way that I do when I look at someone. I need to change myself before I change someone else or help them change. 

Investigators, we have about five but a lot of them just are not motivated to go to church. BUT one of them is this man named Victor. His wife is inactive but loves the church and wants to go back but with her husband and he wants to learn and know for himself what is the truth. I have this strong feeling about him and I cant wait to see where to gospel takes him. 

I love the mission even though it is super hard! I know that it will help all that choose to serve one. With faith we can serve and with strength we can overcome the hard times in the mission and life. 

I love you all and pray that the gospel always comes first in your lives. 

Peace Elder Smith (aka some dude in chile)

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