Monday, October 13, 2014

Share the gospel with others!

This last week was long and hot. We worked a lot and sometimes we got lazy with some things. We had a lot of success when we were lazy and I don't know why but I'm not going to use that as an excuse to keep being lazy.... so this last week we have been trying to follow the rules of the mission and everything with exactness. We weren't able to do the whole week but we improved as a companionship. I know how hard obedience is and sometimes it's way easier to just do the opposite and not be obedient but I know without a doubt that if we are exactly obedient we will receive blessings in every aspect of our life. 

We have been teaching this man that is 27 and he is a police officer that works with bombs and stuff. I have really seen how much he trusts us and wants to hear more about the gospel. It really amazes me how people can trust us 19 year olds. But really I know that it is through the help of the Holy Ghost because without that help, really we aren't doing anything. I've realized that in our lessons that when the Holy Ghost isn't strong they aren't listening and everything is different but when it is strong everything changes!!

We are still working with Victor and he really loves when we come over. His testimony is growing and we are starting to see the light of Christ in his eyes. We have lost some investigators this week which was sad because I thought they were doing good. But they got talked out of it by their dad and so they asked that we don't pass by anymore. I really would like to talk more about some of the people I have but they just leave us so fast it's just rough to talk about them.

We have really be teaching with unity this week and as we progressed I really have felt the Holy Ghost super strong.. I know that the only way that people will come to the truth is through the confirmation of the Holy Ghost. They need that feeling of peace and joy in their life. 

I know that this is the true gospel!! I learn new things constantly and my life is changing so fast. I know that life without the gospel is something that I don't want so we need to be constantly sharing  the gospel so others can have the greatness we do! 

Love you all!!!

Elder Smith

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