Monday, December 8, 2014

It's been slow!!! Brandon's coming down with presents from the fam!!!

Not much happened this week.. It was slow. I had an interesting experience in being obedient. So felt the need to actually ask my president if I could see Brandon... well I thought I was going to get a yes because I know someone that has seen his dad a couple times... Anyway, President said no... I was a little angry and I just didn't want to listen. I had  prayed a lot to know what do and man, I got my answer and it was to be obedient. It took me 4 days to follow it but by then I had felt like I had offended the spirit and I really am having to bring it back now.. Its  not something I enjoy but it has taught me that I need to act on how I feel.. and I need to do it fast.

We had an investigator in church on Sunday and man it was awesome.. it was Marcia.. I don't know if you remember her but we stopped teaching her for a while because she was never there when we passed. But we have been able to pass by and it has been awesome. She needs the gospel in her life but she seems to be the only one interested in her family. I hope that we can bring her to the gospel and with time the rest of her family.

This is the last week of the change so we don't know who will be leaving or staying now.. I think I will be going.. Either way, I am ready for another Latin comp!!!

I'm so thankful for you guys and all you do for me!! Keep being happy!! 

Love you all!! 

Elder Chase Smith

(Mom pictures this week) Sorry!!!

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