Monday, January 12, 2015

Maintain a positve attitude!

So this week has been good I've been really trying to find what will help me the most and I knew that we were going to have a zone conference so I prayed that I would get guidance from that. It really hit me when I got it because they haven't been that good. Our president literally destroyed us but to be honest it was more motivational for me. Some of the things that really hit me was that we need to maintain a positive attitude no matter what is happening or what we are going through in our lives. With the next he said we need to endure our trials with patience. This I liked a lot because usually when we have a trial we are always like man I can not wait for this to pass... well turns out 2 years is a long trial. haha I'm kidding but... seriously in everything we need to have patience in our problems and the hard times in our lives because that can bring joy in those time and it really will help us with being happy 100%.

We had a really cool experience this week with one of our investigators. His name is Mauricio and man he is stubborn. But this week was different. I think that the Holy Ghost has softened him. Anyway, we finished lesson one with him and really we talked about Joseph Smith the whole time but to finish we asked him if he would pray to end and without a stutter he said yes. In his prayer he talked about how his "friends" or us... he knows that what we are doing is true.. now he didn't say the gospel but this hit me.. the spirit was there and I had teared up during the prayer , it was so simple but it touched me in the sweetest way. 

I know the gospel is true and as I help others come to the fullness of the gospel I too am coming to know more and more. My testimony and my love that this is the only true church has grown so strong and I know it with all my heart. 

I love you all!!! Seriously!! Keep being happy and do the right things!!

Elder smith


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