Monday, January 26, 2015

My Fifth Change Here!

So we had changes this last week and both me and my companion will be here for another six weeks. It has hit me hard because it's a rough area and companion and sometimes I can't handle it but I think God really wants me to learn patience and to trust in him with all my heart. 
This week has been a good week. The whole week I thought about where I would be going and I seriously could not even guess, I really felt like I would be in this sector again and well at the end of the week I found out I would.
We had this awesome lesson with Mauricio and man it was COOL. His friend was there and so we decided to sit down and listen. He is catholic so I thought things might go south. We started sharing our message and this guy had so much to say like trying to contradict what we were saying. But we helped him understand better. The coolest thing for me was that Mauricio was defending the things that he had learned from us and he really believes in the things that we teach. He is an amazing guy and I feel so blessed to be here learning with him and teaching him.

I had a cool experience yesterday with an inactive family and they recently had their mother die.. she had 92 years. I love them so much but they are so hard to help. They talked so much crap about the ward and ward members and then said they were happy because they knew that their mom was in a good place. I had the feeling to ask, so you are happy because you know she is in a good place but how are you going to feel when you never see her again. Then I started to cry..Ii think it's because I really do love them and want the best for them.  I said, "what I'm going to say right now is because I love you guys not because I want to hurt your feelings". I said, "You need to stop looking at the ward and all the problems and all the problems the memeber have, because that will get you no where in your life. Put those things a side and start thinking about your selves and what you can do better." Anyway, it was super strong and it touched me to hear some of those words come out of my mouth because I said it with love and not with anger.

We have been working good and now that we are going to be together again we have plans to do better and to try new things.
I'm so grateful that I can be out doing the things God wants me to be doing and I know that I am learning and becoming a new person just like the people that are learning about the gospel. I really have grown to love the people and it makes me sad to see them not happy. I know that God lives and he wants us to be happy but without him we cannot be happy. I know that through Christ all things are posible. I love the gospel. 

Love you all. 
peace, Elder Smith

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