Monday, January 19, 2015

Ultimo semana de esto cambio!!! wooot woot!

This week has been fast... I think it got slower when one of the other elders in our ward said on Friday, " Man this week has been slow." Well my week was fast and then it all slowed down on Friday! 

First thing, I think I have found something so awesome, I was thinking the other day and man I feel happy! After we had our zone conference I have just always tried to maintain a positive happy attitude and well that is just it!! I feel like sometimes we can choose our happiness. When we are doing the things we need to be doing and we don't feel happy its because we think too much and we are choosing to be sad. I have found that by choosing to be happy we are much happier. Man, who would have thought!!!

The mission is changing a lot. We are focusing on reactivating a lot. We still teach investigators but there is a lot of reactivation. We have been going through this list that is all members in our ward and there are a little over 1000 and only about 100 are active.

This week we found a less active family on Thursday and we made an appointment to pass by on Saturday.  We went by and the first thing that they wanted us to do was give there 21 year old daughter that is special needs, a blessing. They asked me to do it and man I felt honored to do so!! I love giving blessings! After, we sat down and we were talking to the family and I felt like I should share something about Tucker. With tears in my eyes, before I started talking I could feel the spirit help me testify. I honestly don't know exactly what I said but I do know that it touched them. The spirit was so sweet in that lesson and I was so grateful to be part of that. After, the father of the special needs girl had a doubt that he shared with us. He said, " Why does she have to suffer when she has never done anything wrong?" I told him I don't know why she was that way but I know that she accepted this life. She knew that she was going to come down and have these problems but she accepted it. Anyway, that was super special for me because I honestly could related to him and I feel like I used to have some of the same questions myself.

It's amazing for me to be out here and recently, I have thought about a time that I was hiking with my dad and my young men's president. I remember when we were hiking all day, I think it was the Dead Englishman, and we got to the last stretch and we didn't have enough time to get to the bus. so they told me to give them my backpack and start running so we didn't have to hike all through the night to get to the car. So, with motivation and not wanting to let them down, I took off into the dark and started running. Although, this seems silly,  I thought a lot about how I know I can endure. I know I can do hard things I just have to know I can do it. So with the mission I have thought about how I need to think man I don't want to let my Father in Heaven down and I need to take off and go running.

I love the gospel and I am so thankful that I am out here growing closer to God and Jesus Christ. I love you all and I want the best for you so when your down and low, lower than the floor and you think you aint got a chance... do the peter panda dance. HA but seriously!! BE HAPPY.
I love you all!!

> Choa,
> Con mucho amor Elder SMith


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