Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter...Conferene Weekend!

Well last week was good... it felt a little weird and all... but it was good. I had to go to the doctors only to find out that he can't help me and that I have to get help from the clinic... I'm sick of going to the clinca!!!
We have been working hard and finding new people. We have been working good with Pedro if you remember him and well he is just great... he has some doubts but we are ready to help him with those. He is excellent to teach and has outstanding faith.
It was a blessing to listen to general conference and get the extra strength.  I don't remember who was talking but they gave an example about how he took his boys hiking 50 miles in 19 hours.  His sons then told him that that was the hardest thing they have ever done and they would not do it again.  I thought about that and I think I would have to say that this time in my life is one of the hardest things that I've done and am doing.   I have grown so much and I don't feel ready to come home for a good 15 years!   
Conference was amazing and obviously I love the talk giving by Elder Holland... read it and you'll know why. Well it made me think about a lot. They story he shared was so touching and I learned so much from it. The part about the 19 year old boy jumping to saftey and then almost slipping to his death but his younger brother saved him! I have thought a lot about that and how Elder Holland applied that to Christ. Christ really has saved us, IF WE CHOOSE TO EXCEPT HIM. 
The other experience I had was I put myself in that boys place. Making that jump. I thought a lot about the things I am doing now in my life and making the jump to serve a mission or making a jump to do the things of God. Man it has not been easy, but I have received help throughtout the whole way. I thought about making these jumps and when I slip and things are hard, I know that my little angel brother is right there in the bushes waiting to leap to help me. IT was a very interesting experience this was but it made me  feel a lot closer to him. I know that because of Gods plan we can see our loved ones again and I know that they are not gone. They are not only helping others in the spirit world but they are helping us. 
I know that God lives, loves us and will do anyting to help us if we put in our effort. I know that Jesus Christ died for us and atoned for all our problems faults and sins. Because of him all things are possible! I love my Savior with all my heart and this past Easter I haved learned more then I thought possible. 

I pray that we all can keep pushing doing the things that God wants and putting in our effert. I love you all and know that we all have the potintial to live with God again and to be like him.

Con mucho amor,
Elder Smith

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